Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Snowdown Throwdown!


13 PAX drove over snow and ice in order to slam into the Atlee High School parking lot this morning for Daville. The PAX gathered for some quick hellos and then the fun began. YHC instructed the PAX to grab a big ball of ice or snow and then mosey over to the bus loop.  Here is how it went down…

Snowdown Warmup

The PAX slammed the snow & ice balls to ground.

100 SSHs, 2 minutes of LBCs, 10 Don Quixotes, 10/5 arm circles forward & backward.

Mosey over to the field.

Snow Pyramid (Igloo?)

Line up in front of the goal posts.

1 burpee, 2 merkins, 3 wwII sit-ups, 4 jump squats – run across the field to the other goal post.

5 burpees, 6 merkins, 7, WWII sit-ups, 8 jump squats – run backwards across the field to the goal post.

9 burpees, 10 merkins, 11 WWII sit-ups, 12 jump squats – run back across the field.

13 burpees, 14 merkins, 15 WWII sit-ups, 16 jump squats

Touchdown Al Gore until everyone finished.

5 pull-ups on the goal post or the pull-up bars on the far side of the field.

Mosey on the road around to the gate. LBCs until everyone caught up.

Snow Crunch

Run the (icy) road that loops back to the far side of the high school. Stop and do 10 LBCs at every other light post.

Mosey back to the flag. 10 SSHs… Number-rama, Name-a-rama, COT.

SPIT took us out.

6 gathered for coffeeteria at the Starbucks in Kroger afterwards.


Most of the PAX stayed in their cars until the final seconds before the beginning of the festivities. YHC called for each man to grab a large ice or snow ball and run with it. The mumble chatter wondered if we were going to carry these ice balls for the whole workout. That question was answered after the PAX circled up for the initial exercises.

The theme of this workout was “The Snowdown Throwdown.” YHC did not want to hide from the snow and ice. We were destined to attack and tackle the snow and ice head on. Why not show who is boss by smashing ice balls into the ground? That is what we did with vengeance.

The bone-chilling cold was starting to take root after the throw down so YHC decided to fire up 100 SSHs to take care of that issue. Problem solved! Groans went up as YHC called for 2 minutes of LBCs on the snow. Many groaned as the 2 minutes seemed to last forever. One voice exclaimed, “Did you say 2 minutes or 2 hours?” YHC’s response? “You just wait…”

The run over to the track and field provided a preview of the icy challenge as many tried to avoid the black ice, white ice, green ice, any ice… The transition to the snowy field was somewhat welcomed in contrast to the ice. The PAX tackled the exercises in style, including sprints across the football field. The lone lacrosse goal in the field almost captured some as we sprinted for the touchdown but no injuries were reported. Pull-ups on the goal post brought laughter and multiple Christmas Story references of “don’t put your tongue on that bar…” Slightly awkward but appropriate for the moment…

The PAX smashed the full loop around the three schools with LBCs on the icy road. Some took the wiser route of running on the sidewalk while others fought through the challenge of running on ice.

We had fun this morning for sure. The large amount of running may not have been universally embraced by all but it kept us moving.

I couldn’t have been prouder of this team and the commitment to getting stronger together.


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  1. Great Q today Carpenter! Dodging the ice made things interesting! Total distance today was 2.15 miles!

  2. 100 SSH’s (IC) is always entertaining to watch. Nice Q, coffee afterwards was great. Can’t wait to implement “the plan”!

  3. Nice work Daville, that puts RVA at 26 PAX across 3 AOs yesterday in awful conditions. No beatdowns cancelled up here!

  4. Great looking beatdown The Carpenter. Please respond to the CSAUP Preblast if you are planning on participating so we can get a HeadCount (HC) for food and H2O

  5. Great Q The Carpenter! Black ice really added to the running, and 100 SSH were much more interesting with no solid footing. Still feeling it!