Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We’re on a Death March to Siberia?


“Nelson refused a cloak.  He said his zeal for King and country kept him warm.”  — Jack Aubrey


16 PAX of questionable sanity and unquestioned spirit posted in a steady stream of snow, wind, and general nastiness for the first 2017 edition of The Dogpile.  Here’s how it went down:

Slaughter Starter

20 burpees, in cadence.
(Or, they might have been in cadence if YHC (ahem) had remembered to call a cadence immediately after saying,”In cadence.”  Perhaps, that was for the best.)

Mosey to Amphitheater for COP

SSHs (x30)
Imperial Walkers (x20)
Arm Circles
LBCs (x40)
Reverse Crunches (x10)

Rusty Cage

5 pull ups
10 merkins
15 partner dips
Repeato x3

Siberian (or, ahem, Alaskan) Death March (no Ruskies in this group)

Snow adaptation of the Bataan Death March. PAX forms 3 lines with all but one PAX in each line carrying a sandbag.  PAX with sandbags start slow march / mosey.  PAX without sandbag perform 5 burpees, then run to catch up before swapping sandbag with last PAX in each line and moving to front.  Last man performs 5 burpees, catches up, etc.  Continue until PAX arrival at 2nd circle.

At second circle, swap sandbags for bricks.

Mosey to Carillon Wall for Touch a Tree
10 trees down to 2 trees by 2’s.
Wonderbra for 10, 8, 6 (with bricks)
Donkey kicks for round ‘o 4
BTTW for round ‘o 2

Swap bricks for sandbags and continue Death March to the Great Sunken Field.  Audible replaced runner + burpees with runner looping marchers twice, then swapping with next PAX.

Great Sunken Field: Sprint half length of field, recover for 10 yards, and sprint remaining distance.  Short recover and repeato on return leg.

Modified Rick Dempsey (4 Corners with Style)  (   For those not familiar, go to 4:39 seconds.  Pre-internet, this was the best rain delay entertainment money couldn’t buy.)

Bases at corners of Great Sunken Field
1st Base – 20 merkins
2nd Base – 20 mountain climbers
3rd Base – 20 snow angels
Home Plate – Best slide with style into home plate

Finish Death March back to Rusty Cage
Store sandbags, then mosey back to the flag.

Number-rama, Name-a-rama, COT. YHC took us out.


YHC takes his hat off to each PAX who posted today.  Plenty of reasons to Fart Sack it on a snowy Saturday.  Except for having the Q, YHC might have done so.  But, YHC will never again doubt about posting during a Saturday morning snowstorm.  While a typical F3 workout proudly takes place “in the Gloom,” the forecast called for “No Gloom” today – the PAX brought pure anticipation and excitement making it feel Sunny and 70 from the start.  Way to bring the spirit today, gentlemen.

Every F3 Richmond PAX has experienced the pre-workout mumble chatter about wardrobe selections for a workout.  Tights v. no tights.  Shorts v. pants.  Sleeves (Wilson) v. No Sleeves (Hardywood).  Today did not disappoint.  Solid respect to Honey Do and Hardywood for winning the ZZ Top Award (“He’s Got Legs”) today…bare legs during a snowstorm.  Solid.  Your prize is free counseling services.  Dr. Melfi will call you.  Y’all a little cra’ cra’.

Off Shore won the Missed It By a Day Award wearing his best outfit for raking leaves.  That’s one fine flannel jacket…unfortunately (or, fortunately), hombre, raking will have to wait for spring.

Honorable Mention to TYA for taking the Bag Man Award and providing further proof that there is only one right answer to the age old question,”Paper or Plastic?”  Indeed, dry feet are happy feet, even when wrapped in plastic bags.

The Bloodhound Award goes to LIFO Wheelbarrow for picking up our trail in the snow.  Well done.   Also, Wheelbarrow is the only Double Award Winner today… he also took the Rick Dempsey Award for best slide into home…a beardfull (yep, that’s one word!) of snow is a sure winner every time.

Finally, each PAX’s M and/or 2.0’s likely questioned his sanity today.  In their hearts, they also noted the determination, comradeship, and toughness of each man in this group.  Well done, today.  YHC enjoyed the privilege of Q-ing.


CSAUP (you mean, this wasn’t it?) on January 21.  Start at Dogpile at 6.  Cookout at Dogpile at 9.   Join your F3 comrades for a free tour of Richmond with 3 workouts in between.  Lab Rat promises horrible beer at the end (If you don’t want your share, YHC bets another PAX will gladly finish it for you).

Bel Monte coming up in March.  Anyone who posted today is clearly filled with sufficient fortitude to do a 50K or 50 Miler (or 25K!).  Sign up now.


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  1. Solid beatdown and backblast, that did not disappoint. Love seeing 16 strong in the snow.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nice job Upchuck
    Way to work guys – enjoyed playing in the snow with y’all and as always ET’s was a blast !

  3. Nicely done UpChuck!

    I’m so glad I came out this morning and didn’t allow the fartsack to win. It was well worth it!

    Also thanks tp LabRat for picking me up and making my M happy I didn’t drive.

    Excited to see some more BB in the next few days because this snow isn’t going away anytime soon!

  4. Great Q Upchuck! That was a blast. Great times at ET’s post workout as always. Be safe out there fellas!

  5. Solid Q, my man! Your reward for stepping out front this morning is private lessons on burpee cadence. Lesson 1: count to 6! Kidding, of course, but loved the mumblechatter fodder.

    ET’s was epic this morning. Glad Spit drug me out.

  6. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Solid, gents! Glad to see that F3 RVA doesn’t let the weather stop us. Not sure if any of you got the tweet of another F3 outfit that chose to cancel their workout today. #disappointing

  7. Read that! Corporate will have to deal with it! Would hate to be that PAX! Just missing a Q and the consequences was hard enough – again thanks to Gumbo for picking it up! lol

  8. Upchuck – great workout! The sand bags suck (I blame Honeydo) in regular conditions and the suck even more in the cold/snow! Now that the snow has stopped and the sun has created a great slick mess – go out there and do some donuts in the snow! Drive fast and take chances fellas!