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Always 70 and Sunny

Pre-Blast : F3 RVA Frozen Triangle CSAUP


F3 RVA is celebrating the only way we know how, F3 style.

How are we celebrating? Frozen Triangle CSAUP (Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless)

What are we celebrating?  Nothing, that is the whole point.  F3 RVA does not need a reason for a 3+ hour workout, across three AOs totaling 9-10 miles of running. (might be more for Circle K and Chumbucket depending on how lost they get)

Why are we celebrating?  Why not, just show up.

When are we celebrating? January 21, 2017, 6am, Dogpile


F3 RVA Frozen Triangle CSAUP

      0600 DogPile  (Swirly Q for 20 minutes)

      0620 Depart Dogpile for 3.5 mile run to Punisher

      Route : Exit Dogpile parking lot, Left onto Blvd, Blvd turns into Hermitage, Arrive at Punisher

0655-0700 Arrive at Punisher (Circle K Q for 20 minutes)

0720 refuel

0725 Depart Punisher for 3.1 mile run to 45MOM

Route : West on Laburnum, Left on Saunders, Right on Westwood, Westwood turns into Malvern, R on Grove to MM

0755-0800 Arrive at 45MOM (Sippy Q for 20 minutes)

0820 Refuel

0825 Depart for 2.7 mile run to DogPile

Route:  Race—make your own route!  Or, if you prefer : East on Grove, Right onto Boulevard to Carillon

0845-0900 Arrive at Dogpile (Sippy will lead some minutes of Mary as people finish)

0900 Finish 

Cookout to follow with Firepit.  (Circle K will cook some hotdogs and hamburgers)

There are many ways to participate in the Frozen Triangle.

  1. Show up at 0600 and complete the whole Frozen Triangle.
  2. Not feeling up to running the whole route – Show up at one of the AOs, participate in the workout to decrease the mileage
  3. Volunteer to help with the H20 and food distribution and clean up
  4. Volunteer to light the firepit and charcoal grill so they are ready when the PAX finishes Circle K can start cooking some hot food,
  5. Show up at the cookout for great 2nd F.  Ms and 2.0 are welcome at the cookout.

Now that the PAX knows the details, you may be asking yourself what do I need to bring to the Frozen Triangle?

  1.  Yourself
  2. Shovel Flag
  3. Camping Chair (for cookout)
  4. Dry Clothes

Please respond to this Pre-Blast so YHC can get a HC, in order to plan accordingly for food drink.

You don’t want to miss this event.  How cool is it going to look as F3 RVA travels down the Boulevard with shovel flags in tow.  Looking forward to a large attendance at the first of many F3 RVA CSAUP events.

Circle K


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  1. I am in and F3 Hampton Roads is bringing a clown car. Space Monkey will have a final headcount for us sooner to date. Paper will also be there.

  2. You run at the pace your comfortable with. We are going to try and stay on the timeline above but as always, modify if needed. Another option, is to meet us at an AO and participate in a portion of the CSAUP. Looking forward to it.

  3. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    BT is in, but only til 8ish. Coaching duties call, but I’ll probably need a growler to go.