Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New Patients


15 of F3 RVA regulars ventured into the cold expecting to possibly see some snow and instead found the Flipper Chiropractic tire at The Creek.  This is what we accomplished:

Circle up around tire and perform 100 LBCs IC.

Tire Carry – Two PAX carry tire across parking lot, switch arms and carry tire back.  Rest of PAX run across parking lot perform called exercise and return back to starting point to perfomr same exercise.  Repeato until all PAX have carried tire.  Exercises performed included LBCs, merkins, Squats, something else.

25 LBCs IC

Tire Flip – 2 PAX begin flipping tire around the church.  Rest of PAX completes 4 corners.  LBCs, Merkins, WWII situps, Jump Squats.  Repeato until tire has been flipped all the way around the church building.

50 LBCs IC

Suicides – Regular suicide across parking lot and Burpee Suicides across parking lot.

4 minutes of LBCs – OYO four minutes of LBCs AMRAP.

COT, Numberama, Namearama, YHC took us out with a prayer.

Earlier this week at WDOG, Flipper decided it was a smart business decision to sponsor the tire.  Additionally, YHC was named the marketing director for Holland Chiropractic Practice.  Not wanting to disappoint my new employer, YHC began the marketing campaign by showing up to The Creek with the tire.  Mission accomplished.  YHC thinks Flipper will definitely being seeing some new patients in his office in the very near future.  Another goal YHC had for this morning’s beatdown was to ensure the PAX got their daily fill of LBCs.  Mission accomplished again.  850+/- Total.  The entire PAX crushed it this morning.  Thanks for allowing me to lead.

Circle K



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  1. Awesome Beatdown this morning Circle K!! I knew after reading the BB from WDog that the tire was coming to the Creek!

    Awesome to see all the 2.0’s out there this morning!