Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Yes, it takes a weinke


Nine, that’s right nine, posted for some kettlebell fun at the Circus.  Sunny and 70 with the regular clanking of kettlebells in the morning.

Thang:  Circle up for warmup COP.  Consult weinke for first pair of many exercises.

  • Sumo squat and press + kb swings: alternating 3×10 ea.
  • Deadlift to jump squat + curb pullovers: alternating 3×10 ea.
  • Swing switch + curls: alternating 3×10 ea.
  • Plank pass + single arm row (5 ea. arm): alternating 3×10 ea.
  • Reverse lunge (5 ea. leg) + kb drivers: alternating 3×10 ea.
  • Single leg deadlift (5 ea. leg) + hip-up/sit-up: alternating 3×10 ea.

Circle up for lots of conveyor belt kb passes, and Attila took us out in the COT.

NMM: It was good to be back at the Circus, and it was great to see such a solid PAX.  Per the list above, we tackled several new exercises, and YHC often leveraged a weinke to make sure the pairings were correct.  In the middle of the first set Rosie observed, “you need a weinke for this?”  At my advanced age, yes, but it should be noted that the mumble chatter was pretty nonexistent.  The PAX may have decided to conserve their breath as we progressed through the list.  It’s also worth noting that Santa  delivered Rosie a nice new 35 lb kb for Xmas.  It’s all about the gains!  YHC was also truly impressed to look up from my swings to see perfect form from Gumbo.  YHC started to draw the PAX’s attention to Gumbo as a Maximus icon when it became apparent that Gumbo was using some kind of lightweight, FitnessLady brand kettlebell.  Maybe Gumbo was on the naughty list and didn’t get a nice new 35.

Strong work today by all!

Stay Classy,



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  1. Nice strong group at CM to start the year. Fun new exercises Toga, and by fun I mean painful and difficult. It was good to get back to CM with my new toy. I know the PAX appreciated the use of 3-35 lb bells being passed around the circle with EF Hutton’s being the third.

  2. Bummed I missed this one as the stomach bug has hit me too. Always like seeing new exercises being added.

  3. You must have been hanging with the Daville boys. I warned people about that, but nobody listens to Toga…

  4. I wanted to make this my intro to Circus Maximus but unfortunately succumbed to FS after being up too late.

    Sounds like a good beatdown Toga.

    I’ll try again next week.


  5. I’ll let you know tomorrow or the next day if that shiny new bell will be used again or if EF will quietly head back over to 45MOM.

  6. There I was feeling good about myself. I had earned Toga’s respect. Then, I kept reading…and he swept the leg, he did, that hurt.

    Perfect form, no matter what the weight. I guess Gumbo needs to hit Amazon (you believe they ship these bricks for free?) and man-up to a real weight.

    Challenge accepted — well, if you promise no more deadlift-jump squats. Ouch!

    Nice Q Toga…kind of. I’ve seen better.

  7. Peer pressure is as bitch:

    Order Number: 105-0008032-9880200
    •CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell, Black, 35 lb. will be shipped to Michael Goldman by Amazon.com. Guaranteed delivery: Jan. 7, 2017

    I mean, Iron Shaping Iron Baby

  8. Atta boy Gumbo, I knew it wouldn’t take long after you saw my big bells today.
    Attn PAX. Now there’s another extra bell for anyone that does not have one and wants to give it a whirl at CM. You know who you are…
    Tonka came out today, borrowed one and crushed it, hopefully he’ll be back again soon.

  9. I used to feel cool with my 30 lb bell. Toga should really get into the KB retail biz and sell them out of the back of his Jeep. Like Emoji and his gloves at Daville. ISI!

  10. I’m proud of Gumbo. It takes a big man to admit when his bell is too small. Be sure to tip the delivery guy. He will not appreciate what you’re doing. Aye