Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Assume Innocence


16 pax plus 2 FNGs showed up at the Shining to shine some light on LOVE.

This is what transpired:


Chatter and Fellowship as food orders were taken.

Reading of Romans 8:35 –  Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?

A Daily Prayer:

  • God, I offer myself again to you. You are in charge. I am your agent. Whatever you have in store for me, let me accept it and do with it as you would have me do. Your will be done, not mine. Please use me to be a help to another suffering sinner today.

After the prayer we moved into our main workout which today was the continuation of a Headliner – a study on a topic.


The Pax jumped in fast and furious to tackle the next 11 ways to show / demonstrate / give love to someone:

Does not boast – does not point to your own successes or accomplishments

The Carpenter pointed out Golf Cart and how embodies this

Not proud – believes that everyone is perfectly and wonderfully made by Creator

Does not dishonor others – doesn’t make people feel small and respects their beliefs and God given right to make choices we don’t agree with. Who did you vote for? Can a Christian vote for Trump or how about Obama? How do you treat people on the other side of the issue of abortion? Black lives matter?  How do we honor someone who is gay?

  • This was an area we stayed on and had some great discussion with Dumbbell sharing from his life and a friend from his old church.

Not self-seeking – is other oriented (Ex: Brian Bassett – Viral and the BRR)

  • Emoji pointed out the example that Fast Food shows in this area with his organized runs and the Pax agreed

Not easily angered – takes time to see if it is a perceived injustice or true injustice AND what is a reaction that Glorifies God

Keeps no record of wrongs – successfully resists bringing up the past. Finding peace through forgiveness- book http://www.focusonthefamily.com/media/daily-broadcast/finding-peace-through-forgiveness

  • The Carpenter shared how he kept a record and how he and M were damaged

Always protects – stands up and sacrifices oneself to keep danger away from someone in the long term. Let’s one experience life lessons, protects their growth opportunities as well.

  • The pax talked about kids and Wild Thing brought truth and YHC added his truth – “in the long term” to the perspective on this element.

Always trusts – believes and starts with a level of belief in their creditability, reliability, focus on others and connection as a person. Assumes innocence

  • Wild Thing brought it AGAIN as he talked about “Trusting” is to assume innocence.

Always hopes – be willing to wait for transformation

Always perseveres – doesn’t back down when facing headwinds, resistance and changing circumstances

Love never fails – this we cannot be, we are human and two we don’t fully see the plan that God has and therefore we don’t truly know what failure looks like. But we press forward to the Glorification of Jesus Christ in our relationships that he has established for us.   Remember God is love. We are to be like Him.

Abacus took out on a prayer after announcements.


  • F3 tomorrow AM at “The Creek” – New Highland Baptist church – Opus will have his virgin Q!
  • Order your Focus Prayer Books (2 new features in 2017) by paying Abacus $20 and going to this link and filling out the form – – – http://www.paracleteanswers.com/material.html
  • 4/1/2017 – Iron Sharpens Iron – – – F3 style!
  • Gary’s eyesight is fading in one eye. Pray for our brother for healing and insight to God’s plan

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  1. Firing up 3rd F events in Churham. Would like to connect with 3rd F Q from Richmond–and/or Q of The Shining, if that’s not the same person. Find me on my shiny new Twitter acct @assisi_f3.