Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where’s my scuba gear when I need it


7 faithful men showed up in the heavy rain to post at the first DaVille workout of 2017. Life jackets were handed out and the PAX got to work:


Parking lot Tracers (in honor of LabRat)


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • LBC’s x 20 IC
  • Crab Cakes x 15 IC
  • LBFC’s x 10 IC
  • Arm Circles x 10 Small / 5 Big Reverso

Triple Check

Donkey Kicks
Run across the parking lot and back
3 Sets each

The Beast (Parking lot style)

PAX choice of 6 exercises. Exercises completed:

  • Burpees (Emoji’s Choice)
  • Jump Squats (Sugar Baby’s Choice)
  • 2 count America Hammers (Toga’s Choice)
  • Diamond Merkins (Helix’s Choice)
  • Squats (Mud Face’s Choice)
  • SSH’s (Wheelie Choice)
  • Bonus Round – LBC’s (Spit’s Choice)

Mosey to the Flag

Ring of Fire


Emoji took us out


LabRat had the Q this morning but feel victim to the Punisher chills (The Carpenter got it as well) and ask on the FB chat if anyone could Q. YHC allows other first to speak up but after no takers, a plan was put into place. (Toga felt the chills was a lame excuse)

The PAX showed up to the rain slowing down thinking we maybe able to get by with out being poured on, mother nature has different plans. By the time the beast had begun the heavens had opened up!

Mumble Chatter was mainly about LabRat being a no show, how heavy the rain was getting, and also an update on Emoji M.

The PAX was truly a PAX today. Members would complete their exercises during the beast and immediately turn around a complete with the other PAX members still working. YHC was very excited to see this.





  1. Way to step up to the plate and take the Q Spit. Still fighting the bug from last week, but I promise to be back at DaVille next week.

  2. There’s nothing like doing burpies and Diamond Merkins with your mouth submerged in puddles in the parking lot. Great added challenge Spit! Donkey kicks in moving mud contributed to superior core strength. I feel ten years younger and will report more when I’m back from rehab. GREAT Q. way to go!

  3. Way to step up and help a brutha out! For the record, I would have covered that Q had nobody stepped up…but alas I didnt have to (thank the gods). Also, thanks for the hat tip on the parking lot tracers. If I had to Q, it would have been 45 minutes of those.

    Dont worry though, Toga gave me a ring to ask if I needed to borrow some Midol. I told him I had plenty, but appreciate that he was going to share his private stock. Love me some Old Toga.

  4. How great to be part of a group that finds grinding thru the elements like this so rewarding. I do wonder, though, if we should consider a landscaping community service project for this AO when the weather warms up; Donkey Kicks can do some damage. Maybe if I hadn’t been lying down so much…

    Great to see Toga/Big Foot make the trip up. Hope Lab Rat and Circle K are back in the mix soon.

  5. So I get up earlier than usual to drive all the way to Daville because the Lab Rat show is typically interesting. Imagine my surprise to learn that Lab Rat called in a lifeline. Thankfully Spit was there was a good beatdown. I normally mention something about some aspect of the workout being fun. I’m not going to lie about that. It was just nasty, but Spit did a solid job leading us through the monsoon. Helix also showed a lot of leadership and got the rest of us on track during the beast. FEBA

    WARNING: Some plague is sweeping through Mechanicsville. Think twice before posting there.., or at least stay back during the COT.