Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Starting 2017 off right


A feisty fourteen (including 1 FNG) said no to the fartsack, yes to the rainy gloom at Punisher to get our year started off right.  Some LBCs were offered up to the PAX in the January challenge but got oh so much more Ab work

COP –  SSH, Merkins, Imperial Walkers, LBCs, Arm Circle

THE THANG – Triple Check –  Plerkins & Running.  3 sets. 100 LBCs oyo.

Mosey to basketball court.  Partner up, Wheelbarrow width of court with 10 Derkins at end.  Each partner goes.  Repeato.

Four Corners – 5 Burpees, then 10 Merkins. Finish with 50 LBCs.Mosey to front of school for:

Honeydo’s Favorite Things–  Donkey Kicks, Bear Crawls, and then do some running. 10 Donkey kicks, bear crawl 20 yards, run to street and back.  Increase Donkey kicks by 10.

Partner Leg Toss –  3 Sets of 25 each man.  Then mosey to space in front of street for Burpee Shuffle modified.  PAX calls out number 1-3, cannot repeat previous number.

COT & Lab Rat took us out.

NMS –   Color YHC impressed, 14 on a cold rainy morning!  Looks like the PAX was itching to get the first beatdown of 2017 in the books. And we got after it.  Toga started off the mumblechatter with the query of what theme of the day was, alas this was a 100% on the fly Q. Good to have Lab Rat back in the gloom in RVA.

The Plerkins Triple check is the perfect trifecta of exercises for Triple Check.  No slacking off on the peoples chair or flutterkicks.  Elbow Plank with someone’s feet on your back is never easy, and neither Derkins.

LBC count for the day was 190.  YHC wanted to get some PLTs instead.

Good to see Spit and The Carpenter out at Punisher, although Spit started off the Burpee shuffle with a 4 count Burpee call out. This lead Upchuck into the best Monty Python YHC can remember in the gloom.  In fact we should consider calling the 1-2-3 Burpee Shuffle the Holy Hand grenade of Antioch shuffle.

Nice work from Statomatic, posting in the rain in January for your first time is legit.  What a pleasure to lead this motivated PAX this AM.  We got 2017 off to a strong start and know the RVA PAX will do even greater things in this new year.

No talk of goals this AM but YHC will throw out his F3 goals, put your down in the BB so it is in writing:  Honeydo –  Post 180 x’s in 2017.  Q at least 40 times.  Aye!


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  1. And yes Upchuck and Lab Rat I did post by myself for 8 miles this morning. Stayed off the trails and did the Hurricane route Offshore & TYA did a while ago.

  2. Great beat-down as usual HD. The donkey kicks followed by bear crawls threw me to my knees.

    Inspiring goal you set with regard to posting and Q targets in 2017. For my part, I’m committing to keep my back blast content strictly PG. (Feel free to place bets on how long that will actually last.)

    Although he was not present to hear it at the end of the workout, Toga was an inspiration to me yet again. I realize now that if I maintain proper form and execution throughout each exercise, I too can trade a higher quality workout for an early departure…genius!

  3. Nice work HoneyDo and strong numbers for the first Punisher of the year. I like the F3 Goals idea – 180 and 40 is strong.

    Gumbo’s 2017 Goals: Post at least 3 times per week and try any RVA AOs that I haven’t yet posted to at least one time. That means I gotta haul my butt to Punisher at least one Monday morning.

  4. The Carpenter on

    I couldn’t think of a better way to start the week! Wheelbarrowing and Bear crawling through puddles (mini-lakes) of water with the rain coming down increased the challenge without a doubt. I will remember this one for awhile (or at least until next week). Thanks for a strong Punisher Q!

  5. No slacking on the triple check this morning – all three stages required a fair effort. Great workout to start the year off strong!

    Lockjaw’s 2017 Goals – Q 24 times this year and work on my 2nd F by getting to know our Pax better.

  6. Great beatdown today HoneyDo. Glad to have the day off so I could post at punisher! I never said I was good with instructions

    2017 Goals: Post at AO I haven’t been to before (punisher check), Run in the BRR, and possibly start a new AO in Mechanicsville. Aye!!

  7. Nice Q, Honey Do. Mud + puddles = mud puddles. Mud puddles + bear crawl (almost) = face in the mud. Almost.

    My F3 goals…attend every AO at least once, Q twice a month, Q a Nomad workout of 3 or more people (tougher than it sounds), do at least one CSAUP (Jan 21 does not qualify) of 20+ miles, and be able to do 3 pull-ups without a spotter (I’m at 0 today).

  8. You calling out “4” Spit, coupled with Upchuck working-in a Monty Python reference – made for a great laugh in the gloom…thanks guys.

  9. Great job guys, nice big Punisher Crowd. I love the goals, except Saab’s, I reject it and encourage you to speak your mind in all comments and backblasts.
    Rosie’s 2017 goals – 1100 total miles, 3-4x week posts, coordinate a 3rd F event, start a new southside run AO (Honeymoon and I already started this discussion this morning).
    Oh, and focus on form to be more like Toga and get high quality workouts.

  10. Gumbo I tried to Q at every AO last year and almost pulled it off until Daville kept growing. Signing up to Q is great incentive to post, now I’ve got to sign up for River Run…

  11. Toga related resolutions.., I’m intrigued. Just remember, I’m not a role model. I’m just in it for the signing bonus and endorsements.

    @Honey Do: Very solid Q, and I’m sorry to have missed the burpee shuffle. Those are always fun.
    @Saab: PG rating? As a group we never go beyond PG-13. It’s a shame really.

  12. Way to push through your first workout, Statomatic. You and I are members of an elite F3 RVA sub-squadron. Goals: Q a 2.0 friendly workout, run the BRR, EH 3 neighbors.

  13. HoneyDo, way to hold up the Punisher name. That really put a hurting on me.

    2017 goals for LR: 1) make someone smile at every workout. 2) Make someone roll their eyes at every workout. 3) Get Saab to cuss more.

    Oh yeah, and be a better person and stuff. blah blah blah….