Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A bowl of F3 Black-eyed Peas for the New Year


6 brave and determined souls heard the rain drops beating against the windows this morning and swallowed the red pill anyway, giving up the warmth and comfort of the fartsack to start this day and this year off right.  The gloom was warmer than normal for the season but the cold rain killed the warm temperature.  Here is what went down, more or less:

Mosey to cover by the entrance to the elementary school for COP.


  • SSHs x25 IC
  • Don Quixotes (Swirly style) x10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x15 IC
  • Arm Circles (10 small and 5 large) IC forward then reverse
  • LBCs x25 IC
  • Flutter Kicks x20 IC
  • Merkins X10 IC

The Black-eyed Pea:

In the tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck, health and prosperity, YHC decided to serve up a bowl of black-eyed peas, F3 Style this morning.  The ingredients were:

5 stations around a circle with the 6th PAX (the black-eyed pea) in the center, each station was:

  • Black-eyed Pea (and the timer for changing stations) = 25 LBCs (50 for the 5th round)
  • Station 1 – AMRAP Burpees
  • Station 2 – AMRAP Merkins (box cutters for rounds 3, 4, and 5)
  • Station 3 – AMRAP Monkey-humpers
  • Station 4 – AMRAP Invisible jump ropes (Freddy Mercurys for rounds 3,4, and 5)
  • Station 5 – AMRAP Squat jumps

Once the Black-eyed Pea finishes the required LBCs he yells switch and everyone rotates with the Black-eyed Pea moving to Station 1 and Station 5 becoming the Black-eyed Pea.  Transition for rounds 1 and 2 were bear crawls.  Rounds 3 and 4 were lunges and Round 5 was crab-walk.

Double-Triple Check

2 3-man teams completed 6 rounds of the triple check.  Partner 1 grabbed a brick column and alternated rounds between BTTW, wall-planks and people’s chair.  Partner 2 AMRAP LBCs.  Partner 3 run in the rain around the bus loop.

5 MOM:

  • APDs x 20 IC
  • Dolly x20 IC
  • Rosalita x20 IC
  • American Hammers x10 IC
  • LBCs x25 IC

COT, Name-a-rama, Number-rama and YHC took us out

The PAX worked hard this morning and got our fill of black-eyed peas, so hopefully that will bring good luck, health and prosperity to all of us in 2017… or maybe just soreness and tighter abs?  Either works.  Depending on LBC count during the triple-check, PAX members completed around 450 LBCs today – a good dent in the monthly challenge.

Great to have Tonka out to check out River Run.  Hope you become a regular on Monday mornings.  Also, great to have Shawshank out to put in some work and remind us how much we all miss those college Winter breaks.  Enjoy it Shawshank!

Way to work today men.  It was a pleasure to lead.

No more Gumbo (or black-eyed peas) for you!


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  1. Thanks for the relatively dry kick start this morning on the rare holiday that the kids don’t have. Great to meet Tonka. Next time we need some airflow a day after black eyed peas and beef stroganoff.

  2. Nice work today Gumbo.

    Sorry to miss this morning…on the mend from a bad cold/sinus infection.

    Hope to be out there later this week.

    Til next time.


  3. Get better quickly McRib (Kevin Bacon). We need to figure out how you and Tonka are connected. There must be a way.

  4. Great idea for the thang, Gumbo! Let me know when you do your “scrimps and grits” workout.

  5. Nice work Gumbo. I looked and I don’t see any Chow-Chow to help the black-eyed peas go down!