Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Circus welcomes Dr. Evil


3 regulars & 1 visitor braved a soaking rain to post to a Kettlebell beat down @ Godwin High School that went something like this:


Mosey to bus loop shelter

COP: SSH, DQs, Tempo Merkins, Crunchy Frog, Crab Cakes, KB Press with PAX backs to one another

Quadruple Check/KB Stations

1) KB Wall sit (millennium falcon), KB Swing, KB Press/Bridge & Over, Forward lunge 3 columns & back

2) KB Halo, KB Goblet Squat, KB clean-rack-press, Backward lunge 3 columns & back

3) KB Standing Row, KB Merkin Row, KB Lawnmower, Bearcrawl 3 columns + Crawlbear back

4) KB Around the World, KB tricep press, KB Bob & Weave, run to end of bus loop + 5 burpees + run back

5) Wall Plank, KB Figure-8, KB Swing – pause with KB overhead, KB Death Crawl (Bear Crawl w/ KB) 2 columns & back

6) Left hand KB swing, right hand KB swing, Alternating single hand KB Swing, Crab walk 2 columns & back

Plank-o-rama into COP: plank dips, flutter kicks, LBCs (fast-slow-fast)

COT – Atilla took us out


Nice to meet Dr. Evil after seeing his name in RVA backblasts in the past. Dr. Evil visited the Circus for the first time and arrived without a KB. No problem. This gave us the perfect opportunity mix in some none KB activities so that nobody maxed out throwing weight around.

YHC had nothing planned and thought a hot-potato workout was in order. However, Johnsonville was operating on very little sleep and didn’t appear capable of calling a cadence. So, he & Atilla helped YHC incorporate many KB exercises we use at Circus Maximus. It was a good intro to anyone new to KBs. Thanks for everyone’s help!

The bus loop shelter provided sufficient cover from a constant rain, though some exercises were still performed in the rain.

We’re all thinking of Earthworm and hope that he gets better soon!


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  1. Great workout this morning DK. We saw a bunch of different KB exercises in rapid succession. Thanks for Qing!

  2. Thanks for the great beat down! I will have to figure out how to get a KB in the TravelPro. Much appreciate the hospitality! SYITG next trip!