Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Gloomiest Gloom


10 willful souls posted on a Thursday in late December.  Weather was 70 and sunny..or maybe it was high 30’s and raining…either way, the sun was shining at Mary Mumford.

The Thang:

Mosey to the circle at the front of the school.  15x Don Quixote.  20x Imperial Walkers, 25x LBC’s, and 30x SSH’s.  Ascending curb crawls up to 13.  Mosey to corner of school.  Lt. Dan’s to the front entrance of the school.  Mosey to benches in front of school for tabata dips and step ups.  Mosey to side of school for double-triple check (peoples chair, mountain climbers and run to fence).  Mosey back to front of school for Descending curb crawls from 13 (as Swirly say at the amphitheater, what goes up, must come down.  Lt. Dan’s around parking lot and back to shovel flag.


Today the weather brought us the gloomiest of the gloom.  30 degree weather with steady rain (the only salvation was that he rain did not start coming down steadily until a few minutes into the workout). These are the most difficult days for YHC as the combination of the wet and the cold make the workouts the hardest.  I would much rather the bitter cold, snow, pouring rain in the summer, or extreme heat.  I think the PAX agrees, as the amount of second F post workout was at a bare minimum.  2 minutes post COT only 1 or 2 cars remained in the parking lot and all PAX had taken refuge in their cars. T claps to all that wrestled themselves out of the fartsack and made it out today.

Lots of attempts to manage the rain and cold this morning.  YHC went with the raincoat, which worked to a certain degree, but it was soaked at the end.  Toucan and his crew went with the big canopy tree for the tabatas.  Others went with the minimal amount of clothing to reduce the amount of water carried around for the day.  Either way, we were all pretty wet and cold by the end.

Rack PT.  Enough Said.


January monthly challenge is LBC’s.  Sign up now.

Smokey mountain relay and ragnar coming up in April,  Start training now.  Check with Swirly on SMR and Toga on Ragnar.  Both are great runs and a good goal and challenge.  Stretch yourself and sign up for one now.


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  1. Gloomiest of Gloom, indeed. I concur. Way to take the edge off early with the LBCs. Those curb-crawls were brutal – ascending and descending. Nice work TYA, thanks for leading.

  2. @Gumbo I didn’t mind the LBCs nearly as much as the first set of curb crawls as my hands were instantly soaked and freezing thanks to the rain picking up!

    I guess we can assume that Hardywood is still in Texas? That’s the sort of morning workout he LIVES for …

  3. I apologize for internationally fartsacking yesterday. The rain didn’t stop me. I worked out with my M. she made a deal with me that she would workout if I worked out with her.