Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to the Mount


10 strong and fleet and one four legged friend (Oakley) posted for a Spider run on a glorious Tuesday morning.

The Thang:

Mount Henrico: From the lake take the road around to the baseball field and through the parking lot to the main road, turn left, right on lakewood, right on wood, left on baldwin, right on westham parkway, left on baldwin, left on rock creek, left on ridge, right on university, right on julian, summit the hill to Parham road.  Reverse directions for five milers.  Six milers add the loop on Arlington on the way back.


Two choices offered to the PAX today for the run.  1) over the river and through the woods – across Huguenot bridge to she south side and then either up or down river and 2) Mount Henrico  Second, hillier route was chose.  As Sippy Cup said “we came to run hills, we might as well do them”.   I was hoping the PAX would choose the easier river route, but in the end was glad to summit Mt. Henrico again.  YHC was told that when the faster crew reached the top, Marv insisted that the group take a right onto Parham and navigate to intersection of Patterson to make sure they had indeed made it to the highest point.

YHC had “promised” a couple of the PAX that were doing the Appalachian trail on  wednesday that we would do an easy four miler.  After the PAX chose mount henrico and given the groupings and numbers, I reneged on my promise and made Lab Rat and Upchuck come along for the full tour de Mount Henrico.  Lab Rat had EH’d FNG Rex to come along for the run.  He told Rex that the plan was for an easy 4 miler.  When Rex saw the speedsters and heard the option, he quickly changed his mind and went all in with the fast group (one of the benefits of being young and in college is that speed is still in your side).  Glad to have him out there with us.

When i saw Saab this morning, i was a little disappointed.  I also punched him to show my displeasure with his posting.  I had the mistaken impression that Saab was going to take the week between Christmas and New Years to let his body rest and heal.  Alas, he posted for Spider Run after all, not being able to resist the workout.  I am not one to take time off either, but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.  Hopefully he will take some time off while in NJ (if Mama Saab lets him)


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