Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Cooper & Conveyor Belts @ SOT


4 SOT regulars & 1 returning visitor from the West End gathered at Swift Creek Middle School for a holiday beatdown that went something like this:


Mosey to front of school.

COP – SSHs, DQs, Tempo Merkins, Hello Dollies, Plank Dips

Mosey to right side of school.

Conveyor Belts:
1) Bear Crawl + 10 Copperhead Squats (Repeato)
2) Crawl Bear + 10 Monkey Humpers (Repeato)

The Cooper (modified)
10 burpees, 10 merkins, 10 squats then run lap around parking lot medians
Repeato, reducing by 2 reps each time

Mosey to left side of school

4 Walk Walkers

Catch Me if you Can
Partner up: 1 partner runs to catch other partner performing exercise.
3 Rounds: bear crawl, walking lunge, walking imperial squat walkers

COP – Plank, Peter Parker, LBCs, BoxCutters, Cross Leg Lifts

Great to see Splinter post to “the other side of the river.” Good luck with your bathroom demolition project!

Wilson was missed. Gumbo was disappointed not to see the Wilson/Honeymoon clown car.

McRibb dominated the modified Cooper.

Squats & Monkey Humpers are no joke when combined with a Conveyor Belt

Good work gents.

Looking forward to the CSUP on Jan 21.


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  1. Ummmm yeah! Forgot to set alarm and sure enough I woke up at 5 after 6! Bummed I missed this one.

  2. Great workout and thanks for welcoming me back. Rest assured it won’t be another 9 months before I return.

    I must have an effect on the fartsackers this week. First Flipdog on Monday who fartsacked but then Lifod and now Wilson. Who will fartsack for Lockjaw’s return to running on Friday? Only time will tell.

  3. Good Q DK. Definitely feeling the burn of those squats and monkey humpers. There is something a little off without the diesel fumes at SOT, but we powered through anyway.

  4. Nice job DK! Enjoyed the variety today in the workout. and yes…monkey humpers are quad crushers.

    Wilson and Honeymoon were definitely missed this am.

    Also, welcome back to SOT Splinter it was fun trying to keep up with you on the catch me if you can.