Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Putting on the post holiday pounds, 40 pounds worth


Eleven RVA regulars and 3 visitors posted to WDOG for a mid-holiday week beatdown. The PAX found some leftover presents from YHC to play with.

COP- SSH,  Merkins, DQs, Freddy Mercurys, Helicopters.

Mosey to Rusty Cage, pick up a Sandbag, mosey back to Amphitheater. Partner Up.

1 Partner scales the Amphitheater steps and back with sandbag while other does exercise. Round 1- Overhead presses. ROUND 2- Flutterkicks with bag held up. Round 3- Squats. In between rounds Sandbag APDS and WWII Situp presses with SB.

Mosey to field. Lunge width of field with SB, drop it and run up carillon & back. Repeato.

Mosey to circle- Side lunges, APDs, Boat-Canoe, all with sandbags.

Mosey back to Rusty Cage, drop Sandbags. AMRAP Pull ups and Jerkins x2. Long mosey back to the flag. COT & Viral took us out.

NMS – YHC had given the PAX fair warning via Twitter about the Sandbag workout. 20 of them were waiting for the pax when we got to the Rusty Cage. The sandbags and PAX held up for the beatdown. YHC was concerned about someone throwing out their back, but instead everyone attacked the weight with gusto. YHC borrowed from his Circus Maximus Qs for Sandbag exercises. The Boat-Canoe and Alabama Prom Dates seemed to be a hit with the pax. Situp presses are just as awful with a Sandbag as a Kettlebell.

Mumblechatter mostly centered around how YHC managed to get 20 full Sandbags to the Rusty Cage awaiting the pax in the gloom this am. It is all in the Qs commitment to the theme.

Glad to see the familiar visitors back in Dr.Evil and Guinness. Always good to have you guys in town.

Announcements – Frozen Triangle CSAUP on Jan 21. Mark your calendars! Even the Hampton Roads guys are coming up.

Pleasure to lead this am and thanks to the Pax for trying something new.  The sandbags are staying there so anyone Q’ing is welcome to bring them out to play at Dogpile, until they fall apart or some recalcitrant PAX member slits them open…



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Sandbag Q – love it Honeydo – I was looking forward to it and you did not disappoint! Feeling those climbs up the amp theatre with those damn things -wow !
    Way to work today guys – see y’all in the gloom!
    Best wishes to TYA, LabRat, and Upchuck as the tackle the trail today ..

  2. I could see the wheels turning in your head Swirly for your New Years Eve Q. And Toga already texted me about his Sandbag ideas. Can’t wait to see what future Qs can come up with…

  3. @HoneyDo, Great Beatdown! Thanks for all your preparation- thanks to your kids too. So, 40 lb sandbags? See you @Pax tomorrow at Mary Mumford.

  4. Great change of pace today Honeydo–thanks for opening up many more opportunities for us at Dogpile and WDog.

  5. Can’t believe no one noticed or made use of those sandbags by the rusty cage until now. Well done Honeydo, enjoyed the workout.

  6. Honey Do, great workout and what a great way to add a new dimension to the workouts at WDog. I am dreading the eventual “touch a tree sandbags” that will eventually start getting paired up once the ground is covered in ice come February.

    Nice to meet you Dr. Evil and Guinness, hope to see you in the gloom!

  7. Great Q today Honey Do! The sandbags definitely put a new spin on the traditional exercises.

    We now know the Pax can be counted on in the event of a flood to move sandbags over distance for disaster relief.

  8. As always, thanks for a great beat down. You guys never disappoint with great stories for Kernersville. SYITG on the next trip. (Really, Alabama softball player??)