Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Payback for leaving me at NoToll


9 Men showed up this morning for my payback for being left at NoToll last month.  We had 2 visitors one from NC, water wings and House from SC.

Ran to the AO circle than did 10 SSHs and then past it to the left for 10 = 90 SSHs

LBCs 10 than past to the left = 90

Ran to the benches for 3 sets of one lap than 25 dips than one lap 25 dips 50 merkins than one lap add side squats than 2 labs

lined up for triple check with Carolina dry docks, American hammers and run, 3 sets

Then we lined up for fallow the leader

We ran to the poles for heels to heaven pole smokin relay, this was a ton of FUN.

Than we lined up and ran back playing fallow the leader.

Thanks again men for letting me lead today, I think we got in 3 miles to boot.  It was great having 2 out of town f3ers.  Also the cofferteria with J-ville, HoneyDo and water Wings was a great time just relaxing at Starbucks usually I have to run off and don’t get a change to out.

COT: My challenge this Month’s to my fellow brother’s: make a deposit into your marriage by planning a date night from soup to nuts, your wife just has to show up.  Usually its the other way around we just have to show up!!!

Thanks again brothers of the Gloom



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  1. Way to keep us moving this am Flashdance. And that might be a record for most Heels 2 Heaven in a beatdown.

  2. I love the Date Night challenge! Thank you for putting this out there for us. I’ll fit the date in between sets of LBCs!!