Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Boxing Day at The Punisher


6 faithful shook off the post-Christmas food coma this morning to help un-wrap a special Boxing Day version of The Punisher.  Known as the day to re-gift any unwanted Christmas presents, Boxing Day offered the PAX an adventure around the AO to seek out a few boxed treats.  Here’s what the PAX found:

Re-Gift #1 (left on YHC’s car window):
Slaughter Starter: 20 in-cadence burpees done cold (well, modified version…the PAX allowed themselves 10 seconds to stretch).  Way to pound them out!

SSHs x20
Imperial Walkers x20
Don Quixotes x10
LBC’s x20
Sweat Angels x20

PAX picked up bricks and sprinted to First Tree (a dead-ringer for Charlie Brown’s sapling).  Note: when this PAX is receiving gifts, this PAX don’t mosey. The PAX found 3 gift boxes mysteriously left at base of Charlie Brown’s tree.

Re-Gift #2:
Partner up.  First partner does polar bear crawl x8 (gift box 1) and then completes the circuit with a sprint of about 75 yards (gift box 2).  Second partner performs Wonderbras (gift box 3) along the brick wall.  Switch positions. Repeato x3

Sprint to massive fir tree…”Oh, wow, MORE GIFTS!”  PAX found three more gift boxes at the base of the tree.

Re-Gift #3:
Each PAX performed shoulder taps in cadence (gift box 1) x15 then arc loaders (gift box 2) and finished with a 25 yard sprint to perform 20 reverse crunches (gift box 3).  Reverse direction with arc loaders and back to starting point.  Repeato x3.

Strong run to front of school in search of more gift boxes…which, lo and behold, the PAX found 3 more of.

Re-Gift #4:
Triangle of gifts this time…start with an ATM (gift box 1)…that’s 15 shoulder taps plus 10 Tempo Merkins plus 10 regular merkins). Sprint to station 2, where PAX performed Dollys x20 (gift box 2) before sprinting to station #3 to perform an Alphabet (gift box 3).  Repeato x2.

Reverse run around school to pick up gift boxes and bricks, then back to flag.

Number-rama, Name-a-Rama, and YHC took us out.

This group starts strong.  YHC was solidly enthused by the positive response to the Slaughter Starter…the PAX jumped on it and didn’t look back.  Great job, men.

For the day after Christmas, the PAX was heavily populated by travelers determined to remain on the ball over the holidays.  Great to see Water Wings from Raleigh and The Whittler from Boston.  Opus came all the way from Mechanicsville…he continues to get stronger each time out – nice work!

Thanks also to the PAX for joining the impromptu 2nd F at Starbucks.  YHC’s belt buckles express their eternal gratitude to the PAX for consuming YHC’s Christmas candy (hidden in each gift box).  Re-gifting a couple thousand calories never felt better.

It was a pleasure to lead you all this morning.  Looking forward to seeing you all in The Gloom.


  • CSAUP Saturday Janurary 21st. 9 to 10 mile run with short AO in between. 3 to 4 hour with cook out afterwards. See Circle K and more Pre-blast for details
  • Trip to the Appalachian Trail on Dec 28th. Planning 18 to 20 miles, take about 5 hours. Meet at the Gum Spring exit on I64 (exit 159) at 6:30am. See LabRat or TYA for more details.

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  1. Nice Q Upchuck. Nothing better than arriving at 5:25 to see the shovelflag planted but the Q nowhere around, that means fun is in store. Great work Waterwings. 2nd F afterwards was great.

  2. Great workout with lots of exercises I had never seen before. It Was nice getting to coffee with everyone afterwards!