Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Obstacle Is The Way


“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” Marcus Aurelius

Another rainy day greeted a pax of 1 in New Boston, TX.  Humidity and doubt were the entry fee for those in pursuit of glory.

The Thang

COP:  SSH, LBC, Freddy Mercury X 20, Merkin X 10

Polar Bear 40 Meters

Airing of Grievances  – Utilizing two aluminum benches complete the following exercises in a round – Box jumps, dips with feet on opposite bench, incline merkin with one hand on each bench followed by a short run.  Round 1 is 10 count, Round 2 is 15 count, etc to Round 5 of a 30 count of each exercise.

Power of 10 – Complete 10 rounds of the following: 10 X 4 count american hammer, 10 split lunges, short run.

Ladder 2.0 – This ladder consisted of 6 stopping points.  On the first stopping point complete 1 exercise. Run back to the start then to the second stopping point and complete 2 of the exercise.  Etc. to the sixth stopping point.  Round 1 squats, round 2 merkins.

Namerama, numberama, Hardywood lead us out.

Moleskin – YHC cannot overstate how much this sucks to do by yourself.

2.0 Joined for the Ladder 2.0 exercise.  We found a huge covered pavillion in which this 6 year old, future F3 warrior arrived only to skateboard, and left drenched in sweat.  The heart of YHC grew three sizes.

Continued thoughts and prayers for TYA and his family.

Swirly is planning a CSAUP adventure on 1/21.  See him for details.  Do not take this lightly.  By the sounds of the itenerary, most people would pay to have this kind of lactic producing adventure.

Lab Rat is looking for the original creator of the Hill Billy COP exercise.  This is injunction with an 18-20 mile trail run on the AT on 12/28.  See Lab Rat for details.



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  1. Happy Festivus and Merry Christmas Hardywood. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and travel back safely. See you in 2017!

  2. Looks like feats of strength in addition to airing of grievances! Always bummed to miss a Hardywood Q regardless of where it is, wish I could have joined you. Merry Christmas to everyone and safe travels.