Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

4 18 1936, 80


70 and sunny at the start.  Many were overdressed for the weather, but that happens in December.

The Thang:

Mosey to COP, 1 burpee, 18 SSH, 9 burpees, 18 Don Quixotes’s, 6 burpees, 18 Imperial Walkers, 3 burpees, 18 LBC’s.  Mosey to long field in from to the carillon.  Northeast Beast.  19 of given exercise to start, then 6 at each beast point.  Exercises, not in order, were Freddy Mercury, Lt. Dans, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Squat jumps, and box cutters.  Mosey to amphitheater 4 dips at each step and 8 extra at the bottom (total of 80, unless your Wedding singer and then the number is 84), Incline merkins to the top with 4 at each step and 8 more at the bottom. Mosey to shovel flag.  40 2 count LBC’s.


The Q was totally lost in the AO this morning. It was as if I had never been to dogwood dell this morning.  I took us across the parking lot to avoid our normal initial mosey and almost ran into a fence.  From there, I took us to the big field in front of the carillon, but I ran by the field and had to be redirected by the PAX.  Finally, on my way to the amphitheater, I missed the entrance gate. Again, the PAX routed me in the proper direction.  On the way back to the VSF, Circle K noted that despite my many miscues this morning, the PAX was still following me.  Luckily, the last mosey went well and we made it back to the flag without incident.

Lots of mumble chatter this morning.  Apparently Flipper had quite the view during the Don Quixote’s this morning.  It was suggested that he might want to hit it really hard at HDHH this afternoon to kill any braincells that saw that awful sight. Lab Rat, as usual was jawing with Saab, throughout the Northeast Beast.  I was right next to them the whole exercise, but honestly have no idea what they were talking about (except maybe Saab’s salty nuts and other treats he can provide for Lab Rat’s children.  Honestly, I stopped listening because the whole thing was getting creepy).  YHC’s now perfect SSH form garnered some talk, but honestly, my form is now perfect (as long as I can control the cadence and not look at someone who is out of sync).

Toga and BT were planning a post workout breakfast with each other.  (The PAX wishes to thank the two for the invitation to join in…oh, forget it, they did not extend that invitation).  Toga suggested ET to begin with, but when told they were not open asked “what kind of communists are they”. When someone suggested going to Moore St Cafe, they declined quickly, because it was not on a direct path from Dogwood Dell to Casa TOGA and BT.  Given the criteria, not sure where they ended up?

Today was tribute to my mom, Ruth Salvucci, who was born on 4/18/1936 and is currently 80 years old.  Mom has lived a long, good life and was a great mother (as evidenced by how wonderful I am) As most of you know, Ruth is in a nursing home in Richmond.  Her main activity while there has been to constantly walk the halls.  Mom loves to move and be active, as such, I tried to keep us moving today.  Moms journey with us is nearly over, so before she moves on, I wanted to do something in tribute that I could share with her.  Thinking through and executing on this workout was cathartic for me and I appreciate the Pax letting me lead and indulging my bizarre fascination with numbers.


HDHH today at brewery on Foushee

CSAUP event on January 21st of January

LBC challenge set for January, 10000 is the goal. Splinter to set up the spreadsheet (although Splinter has not volunteered to do this yet)

Flashdance is organizing training runs for Belmonte race.  Let him know what dates work for you.


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  1. Now it makes sense, great times today!!! thanks for the solid beat down today TYA

    See yall at the Man-0-Rama

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    As always – excellent BB and beatdown TYA….I busted out laughing after we passed the field and you turned around and said where the hell is the field – freaken beautiful man..
    BT – glad We got to see your new toy up close – she’s sweet man – can’t wait for a road trip in the cruiser..
    Way to work guys – see y’all in the gloom..

  3. Fun Q today, and I loved the ninja mask. It looks like Christmas came early for one shadow warrior. It should also be noted that I did ask all of those present, “does anyone want to get coffee somewhere?” That is, and was, an invitation that was not directed to just BT. Yes, I did wait till Lab Rat left, but that was just a coincidence.

    Thoughts and prayers with your family this week.

  4. Great Q and tribute to Ruth. I like to think she felt it in her own way and was very pleased.

    Salty nuts and scissoring aside, I liked the full body suit this morning. Man, with a little grease, I can only imagine the cavities you could slip through in that outfit.

  5. TYA, loved it man. For some reason, I barely noticed your misadventures.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you, but you know that already don’t you?

    Lunch is going down at Pop’s Market Thursday at noon. 415 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23219

  6. Great Q. I am glad you did not have time to try and find the Rusty Cage in the dark abyss. The PAX may still be running around Dogwood Dell following the Q. Compass and map next time maybe???

  7. First, much love and respect for Ruth… gotta know being TYA’s Mom couldn’t be easy. After much thought Man-O-Rama Home of the Hands Free Car Wash™ has added TYA in Tights Tuesdays to it’s speciality car wash line up. It’s not pretty but it’s entertaining. Great Q TYA. Feel Honored to celebrate your mother that way. Respect!

  8. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers. My Mom passed away last night peacefully in her sleep.

  9. Here for you brother!! Death brings us closer to life, we realize that we are only here for a short time and in your words TYA “we can choose to get our ass off the sidelines”