Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Only one frozen bird and a lost nut…


10 enthusiastic gentlemen presented themselves for morning calisthenics and a jaunty shuffle around Linwood Elementary…This is what transpired:

COP:  SSH, Arm Circles (big ones only!), DQ’s, Merkins, LBC’s

Doras:  Flutter kicks (100), Rosalitas (200), LBC (300).  Partner runs to end of b-ball court and back.

11’s:  Derkins (off picnic bench) and Burpees. Run to/from bench to wall in between.  B-to-wall when done.

Lindsays:  Dips off bench (35 to start…descend by 5), WWII’s (5 to start…ascend by 5).  Run across b-ball court in between.

Polar bear crawl:  (a quickie) Complete 10 merkins once done.  Back to flag


YHC’s (selfish) approach to cold weather is to maintain as much continued movement as possible.  In the hope this was achieved at some level, he was impressed how well everyone performed.  Not too much mumble chatter heard aside from the soothing din of Lab Rat conversing through the Lindsays, and BT and Toga discussing sports-team stuff…about which Saab had nothing to contribute.  The wind this morning kept us moving and was a continuous reminder not to be downwind from Fudd during an unannounced release.  YHC also enjoys Toga’s continued critique of said-person’s form and follow-through – particularly on any exercise that is named after a global conflict.  Application of Burpees in the 11’s was partially inspired by Toga’s beatdown last week…although not a complete payback, hopefully it placed a dent in Toga’s light fluffy shell.

It was great to have the folks from the North (Lab Rat and Opus) make the trip.  YHC now has to return the favor now that he has his DaVille shirt.

Announcements:  HDHH this week, and looking forward to CSAUP next month (along with an LBC challenge perhaps), BT has a new (retro) ride, and Toga is missing a nut (please contact him if you stumble upon it)

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  1. Great workout, saab! I didn’t set my alarm to come this morning but my body woke up at 430. What is up with that? It’s my vacation, dammit!
    Instead of turning over and going back to sleep in the sack like any sane person would do, I ventured far from the Hinterlands in the north country to brave the elements with you fine folks.
    I was not disappointed.
    It was great getting to see some gents I don’t see as often and I will be making a return visit soon.

  2. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Amazing what a head and chest cold will do to one’s stamina, or what balls to the wall will do to one’s head cold. Nonetheless, always good to be out with you fellas.

  3. I am too beat to post much but I did want to say 2 things:

    First off to Saab, great beatdown this morning, I am thoroughly smoked.

    Secondly,well done to Offshore who is riding a streak! This morning is at least 8 days posting in a row! Good work, my brother.