Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How Soon After a Vasectomy is it Safe to Run?


4 Richmond regulars gathered in the breaking gloom for ….but wait, who’s that?!  Obama coming in hot makes 5!  Now it’s a party:

The route du jour had us running Buttermilk to the new T. Potter bridge, figuring out how to get down to it, then continuing downstream to the pipeline trail.  Climb the ladder to the canal walk back to Brown’s Island, then North Bank back home.  Splitting the uprights on the  two GPS watches in tow put us covering 8.5 miles.

Lab Rat was very excited to try out this route today, since he finally discovered where to pick up pipeline trail off Brown’s Island.  For the reading population unfamiliar with said trail, it is actually a pipe with a cat walk on it that extends over the rapids of the James…pretty freaky honestly.  Lab Rat asked TYA if he was claustrophobic before getting on the pipe, and he said no.  He immediately changed his answer afterwards.

Although bummed that Saab and Offshore made an early day of it, Lab Rat was happy to chat up Obama and get to know him better.  Obama is a solid dude, and YHC would have zero problems sharing a run with him any time.  Luckily for Lab Rat, Obama is recovering from a vasectomy, so he could actually keep up with the usually much faster Obama.  Other fun facts were learned that have no business being in print (ever), so inquiring minds will have to get their butts out to the trail some time if they want all the gory details.

Afterwards, TYA and Lab Rat solved a couple major world issues over muffins and all you can eat bacon, so you’re welcome.


Lab Rat out.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run. You learn something new every day. I never knew there was a relationship between your vasdeferins and your running speed. I’m going to dr tomorrow to see if I can tweak things to get some more speed outta these old legs

  2. Sincere thanks to Offshore for walking back with me as I hobbled slowly along…You didn’t need to do that buddy but I certainly appreciated it. Enjoyed the opportunity to catch up.

    LR: I DO have an answer to your BB title by the way…and it is based on first hand/sack experience.