Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Move 60


12 regulars plus 2 LIFO’s came together with joy in their hearts to tackle another rendition of the best 60 minutes of any Saturday, affectionately known as Dogpile.  Here is how we move 60, the F3 way:


-1 mile jog. AKA, Dodge BoBo


  • SSH
  • Ball Dippers
  • Don Quixote
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Arm Circles
  • Merkins
  • LBC
  • Crab Cakes


  • “8 is enough was already taken, but 11’s is ridiculous, so 8 seems like about the right number”:  11’s reduced to 8’s, pullups and booya merkins with a partner.
  • F3 Relay Race:  pick teams of 7, relay race performing some F3 favorites.  Course was bear crawl to first cone, do 10 merkins (Sippy Cup style).  Run backwards to 2nd cone, 10 2-count crab cakes (opt out 4-count flutter kicks).  Crab Walk to 3rd cone, sprint back.  Winning team members got to choose ab exercises to perform rapid style.  Also, winning team had the option of watching losing team perform said exercises, but they joined in the fun anyways.  Seriously though, who could stay away from Offshore calling “Upright Alabama Prom Dates”?
  • Ring of Fire: Speed thru a round of ring of fire while cones were collected from relay race.


Lab Rat didnt want to hear complaints about the cold this morning, even though it wasnt nearly as cold as the morning previous.  So the plan was to keep moving a majority of the time to keep the blood pumping.  He also had been missing the pre-workout jog around the AO from the run-a-mile challenge, so decided that would be a perfect way to kick things off.  Had Lab Rat known that Bobo would be waiting for us at the bottom of the hill, he may have picked a different route.  To keep the pax together, once somebody got to running beside the Q for a minute, they were sent to collect the six.  This seemed to work perfectly, only to find out that later at breakfast, the Q had inadvertantly snubbed Saab, who was trying to provide Lab Rat with mumblechatter.  Whoopsies!  Lab Rat promises to be all ears tomorrow during trail run.  The pax was excited to see Upchuck coming from Carillon to find us as we neared the end of the loop.

As soon as we had circled up, another surprise LIFO was Hardywood, who fell asleep  before setting the alarm last night.  He made the correct decision to take a little abuse for being LIFO instead of regretting missing all together.  AYE!  Being that the pax was now complete, we could actually get some work done.  YHC tried to keep the exercises moving at a pretty good clip without taking too much time in between.  Several pax members broke out into song during the 2nd half of COP, which the Q encouraged to keep going, especially during the double time Imperial Walkers (hard to do).

Hardywood had us do 11’s a few weeks ago (heck, could have been last week) at Rusty Cage with pullups and Booyah merkins.  YHC thought those two made a glorious combination of struggle and pain, but decided 8’s were a little less of an insane number.  YHC got to partner with Sippy Cup, who is guaranteed to make his partner either practice great form or self loathing.  Lab Rat took the former, and it dang near killed him.  Lately, the rusty cage is veiled in pitch black, so YHC cannot comment on anybody else, however much grunting and groaning was to be heard, so he is sure good work was performed.

The relay race was a little tough to get going due to excessive instructions and a lack of a dry erase board.  When the pax saw the cones, nervous mumblechatter concerning “Bronson” was heard, and sighs of relief woke the neighbors when the Q gave the negative.  Besides the slow start, YHC believes it was a success.  YHC picked the “Chiropractic Duo” as captains so that they were assured to be on different teams.  We wouldnt want them putting their spines together and forming of some weird Wonder Twins stuff to give an unfair advantage.  They both showed extremely poor judgement by picking Lab Rat last, however (hello middle school, I missed you).  Pax members left it all on the field for their team, and it showed, as team Flash barely nudged out Team Flip.  Helix almost ran down Offshore in the end, though.  It pays to be a winner, so Team Flash got to call out what were supposed to be rapid fire ab exercises, which was going fine until we got to Upchuck and his 5 minutes of 6 inches.  Offshore brought the house down with his signature “Upright Alabama Prom dates”.

2nd F was in full form today, with most pax members filling up ET’s.  Thanks for the hard work this morning, gentlemen!

Lab Rat out.



-HDHH at Triple Crossing on Foushee Street this Wednesday.  This is the original, not the new one.

-Short and long trail runs on the docket in the morning.  Come out and join the fun.


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  1. Forgot to make note of the freezing rain. The slick bricks took the ampitheater, the carillon, and almost the Q out of play today. Luckily, the relay was an extended operation!

  2. Just a correction Lab Ratt… you were actually never picked …just the last man left…In further news Offshore has been hired as Man-O-Rama’s Buff and wax consultant. And if you didn’t know Helix is wicked fast!

  3. I kid because I love… and you can only be so mean to the guy that makes the beer. Good Q Lab Ratt. And great words to take us out.

  4. Nice Q Lab Rat. I knew Upright Alabama Prom Dates were coming when it got to Offshore. With the ABB behind us is an all Upright Alabama Prom Dates beast next?

  5. Sorry I messed this morning! M and the 2.0 required my attention this morning with both of them feeling sick. I too have been feeling a little off so the fartsack was required. Hope to see everyone next week!

  6. Awesome idea HD…my dream Q. I propose we do it at Mary Munford. That should get the tomatoes attention.

  7. It was a good time today. Way to work Two-Can…your continued effort toward your PR is inspirational. Keep it up man.

    While at first the relay race had our team wondering what to do with themselves while each PAX ventured outward, we were quick to find our own entertainment in the manner of alternating exercises, and waiting to see what Offshore would come up with in regards to the next obscene Prom-Date activity.

  8. It’s a work in progress, but I knew yall would pick up the slack and fill in the gaps. The benefits of Q’ing a bunch of Sugar Rays! Last time we did it (at DaVille) we did it with suicides, so it went quicker. Adjustments will be made for the next time! Dont fear the cones….

  9. That was a fun Q, I love the up right Alabama’s PDs also no one took you up on the offer to watch the loosing team work. Swirly had eye of the tiger and looked like he was going to kill someone if they didn’t move. ET’s was a blast as expected, see you all in the gloom this week!!!