Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That Just Happened


15 brave and strong ventured into a bit of an ambush that one of them knew was coming.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to North corner for warmup COP: SSH, DQ, Scapula Merkins, Scorpions, Hillbillies

Mosey to field for The Beast: 6 sets of 6 exercises at the 25, 50 and 75, but we did all burpees to cut down on confusion and focus on the glory that is the burpee.  The PAX also engaged in some ab fun between the sets.

Mosey to northwest side of school for a brief tabata:  45 on and 15 off with Aussie Mtn Climbers, High and Low Merkins, and hip-up sit-ups.  One round of all 3 and one last pass of the Aussie Mtn Climber before heading to the flag.

NMM:  The All Burpee Beast (ABB) has been nagging YHC for some time.  Seriously, YHC lost some sleep over this.  Could we pull it off, who would splash merlot, and how long would it take?  The answers: yes, nobody and about 30 minutes. When Honey Do posted something about it last week and had us crank out 75 burpees, I knew we were there.

Some hilarity always ensues.  For example: Lab Rat decided to take a shot at becoming a form doctor today.  Is another degree in the works?  YHC needs a new watch as the Apple device can’t handle F3.  Swirly, Saab and YHC nearly took out Circle K when he thought we had only completed four rounds of the ABB when we knew it was five.  Lastly, Flashdance and The Hoff expect to be so drained from the event that they’re “going to work on each other all day.”



See pre blast for 1/21 CSAUP

Expect pre blast from Flashdance re HDHH next week

Lunch today is at Juan’s.., call Lab Rat?


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Way to make us finally take on the all burpee beast Toga – well done guys…. I can;t freaken believe that Honeydo, Sippy Cup and Wilson missed this beatdown – we have been talking about this for 2 years…. I hope it never comes back….
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. The ABB baby! Glad to have Inception’ed this but not been there to experience it. Seriously strong work PAX!

  3. Toga beatdowns are back in full swing! Not much mumble chatter today except for WRAT on the loudspeaker. He noticeably moved back and forth down the sideline mid-beast to ensure no one couldn’t tune in.

    Great workout today!

  4. Nice work today Toga…the blend of APM and WWII is my new favorite (please don’t correct me if I was performing the wrong conflict). Guess it’s too late to start a December Burpee challenge…today’s would have placed a pretty good dent.

    Thanks to Lab Rat for his better late than never show. Brought some much needed mumble chatter to take our minds off the Beast at hand.

  5. Great beatdown this morning Toga. Thanks for keeping my count of the rounds accurate, I was relieved we only had one round left to finish the ABB. Thanks to hardywood for pushing me the last round.

  6. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job. ABB should never be uttered again. Splinter would be happy to know that we performed 216 burpees ( formula is n+n+n+n+n+n or 6n, where n equals number of burpees per round. I think this might be what a Tobit is? )

    Weather was perfect (70 and sunny). Tomorrow’s weather looks the same for the run – Perfect for a string turnout.

  7. The Beast of Burpee. Sounds like a song. Wilson tried this at SOT a year or two ago, we only made it halfway through before aborting. I’m glad it’s over.

  8. Son of a bitch, my arms don’t work. For the second time this year I am just mashing my face on the keyboard like some pervert just to get this comment typed out. Great Q Toga and solid work men. Great to see Goldberg back in the fold and it was really nice of Flashdance to show up to a workout and participate with the guys.

  9. Thanks for the thumping, hated it.

    Lunch today is at Wong’s, please try not to mix up the stereotypically racial names, it’s confusing enough as it is. Just look for Farrah in the men’s room.

    Missed me some Toga Q’s. Please don’t think of my comments this morning as becoming a form Nazi. Think of it more like a super fan at a concert, just screaming the lyrics to my favorite songs at the band.

  10. WOW! On paper the ABB looks awesome and I have had the intent to do it, then the audible comes. Nice job Toga for sticking to your guns and knocking it out. I’ll do a vigorous treadmill workout as a make up!

  11. The Hoff and I did work on each other all day and I am happy to report b/c of the Hoff’s good work I was able to remain upright MOST of the day!!! And yes it was great not to be left behind with the tomatoes although they did say I was welcome any time to join them…..