Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is it time to change Wilson’s name to Chipotle?…and McRibb back to Kevin Bacon?


4 regulars, 1 Kotter & 1 FNG assembled in the dry, cold air ready to begin their quest for the Source of Truth. Here is how their journey went down.


Mosey to front of bus loop for COP: SSH x 20, DQ x 12, LBC x 20, Flutterkick x 20, Hand release merkin x 15

Mosey to front of school for 10 minutes of Burpees

Mosey to side of school for Triple Check: Box jumps on stairs, 6 inch hold, run parking lot loop

Mosey towards back of school. Stop for 3 WallWalkers OYO

Mosey to basketball court for Taking & Thinking (“Ride” by twentyonepilots) : lung in place + squat jump on “Taking” or “Thinking”

Mosey to front of school for curb crawls up to 5, repeat 5 and back down (bear crawl + crawl bear)

Mosey back to VSF for 2 min of Mary: Dolly x 20, Freddy Mercury x 20

COT – Wilson took us out


Welcome to FNG Carmen. Way to push it on your first F3 workout! YHC appreciates the Greek/Finish combination and European flair you brought to SOT this morning!

YHC had not seen Wilson in a while…good to see him back. Ask him about neighborhood parties in Summer Lake. Could be worth trick-or-treating there next Halloween.

F3 RVA almost lost Johnsonville today. YHC carpooled with Jville and arrived a few minutes late. Jville usually stands at the end of his driveway when YHC drives but not today. YHC pulls into drive, texts Jville to enquire if he’s coming, affirmative response received within the minute, YHC waits, YHC waits, stairway light turns on, door opens, Jville descends down his outdoor stairs too quickly missing a few steps and almost decks it, YHC realizes Jville is barefoot & half dressed with an armful of clothes. TClaps to JVille for rushing out of bed to take the SOT pain.

McRibb has another connection through Jville & McRibb’s brother-in-law or something…Kevin Bacon may need come back!

Rosie found some sleeves to wear.

HDHH on Wed of next week. Flashdance and/or Flatline have expressed interest in leading but have not committed.


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  1. Great job DK! Really enjoyed the trip around the school. The wall walkers were a nice addition to the exicon.

    Welcome Carmen San Diego! Nice work today and timely exit at COT.

    Great job guys!


  2. You guys should totally bring back Kevin Bacon. This McRib guy is a phony.

    PS Kevin Bacon also found a connection to Carmen San Diego as he will be moving into the neighborhood and his M works for the builder of my house.

  3. Well done DK, nice mix of old, 10 min. of burpees and new Wall walkers. 10 minutes of burpees in cold weather without flannel wasn’t too bad, comparatively. Welcome Carmen San Diego.
    I am beginning to think McRib and Kevin Bacon are the same person, can anyone verify seeing them in the same place at once?