Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sometimes plans go awry, so it’s best to not have a plan


A grateful 8, including 1 FNG spread the mist this morning for a DaVille kind of day.  What transpired is a whole lot of this:

-Parking lot Tracers X2


  • Ball Dippers
  • SSH
  • Arm Circles
  • Merkins

-Mosey to elementary school track via the parking lot so that anyone that overdressed could shed a layer on the way.


  • Oval of Love:  Using the standard Love Hill exercises, move around the track while partner runs track until catching partner.
  • Ups and Downs:  split into 2 teams, 1 team performs 30 dips, other team performs 10 pull ups.  Flapjack X2
  • Indian run back to flag (burpee option as always)

1 MOM:  American Hammers

Numbers, Names, Abacus took us out


Lab Rat came with one plan in mind:  Keep off the grass (due to recent rains).  So we started with what is becoming a DaVille favorite, parking lot tracers.  It’s a good way to knock the cobwebs out and get the body warmed up.  This morning was so nice, we did them twice!  You’re welcome, Spike.  They must have worked pretty well, because there was a yard sale developing after COP, so YHC took a stroll thru the parking lot before making the trek over to the elementary school.  Creative license may have been taken here, but there was at least 1 sweatshirt on the pavement.

If anybody ever needs gloves, please see Emoji.  He sells them out of the back of his estrogen mobile (BMW) in the dark corners of the AO like a crack dealer.  I kid, I kid!  Way to hook up Wheelie this morning.

The oval of love definitely took much longer than planned, since the run didnt get any shorter as it usually would during Love Hill…..since it was an endless track.  Thus, this exercise took longer than originally thought. Lab Rat was really happy to draw a Sugar Ray for a partner this morning in Helix, but quickly discovered that because Helix is going to touch his knee to the ground during every damn lunge, that we were doomed.  DFL (dead f’ing last)  Way to squeeze every drop out of it, Helix!

With this taking dang near half the workout, plus the few minutes it takes to get back to the SF, we were pretty pressed for time.  YHC wanted to get in some pull ups though, taking advantage of the unusually small pax size for a DaVille workout.  So instead of something cute, we just divided and conquered.

Abacus did point out that we pretty much skipped all core today.  YHC apologizes for that, and he promises to make up for it on Saturday, when he Q’s again.  So he expects to see a large overlap of today’s pax post Dogpile so that he can claim a full body punishment to said pax for the week.

Spit has quietly become a pax leader out there, showing that youth will be served.  He is also Q’ing up at least once a week, and has his first one hour Q coming up at Dogpile next Saturday.  Lab Rat is sure it will be a doozy.  AYE!

Also, welcome to FNG David (Wheelie)!  He worked hard today, and persevered thru a whole bunch of running.  Wheelie belongs to a large church that is a hard 3 iron shot from Daville, and YHC believes has zero presence at F3.  Lab Rat hopes that Wheelie will be changing that real soon with some EH’ing after Sunday service.

Opus, you are killing it lately.  You should be proud.

Well done, guys.

Lab Rat out.




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  1. Forgot announcements:

    -The third F experience (The Shining) is currently being held at Rise and Shine diner on Sliding Hill Rd in Mechanicsville on Thursday mornings at 6:30. Abacus has the Q this week and will be talking about love. There may be a cowbell, you have been warned.

    -Opus and the rest of Sons of Zebedee will be ripping it up at Bar Louie Saturday night starting at 9 and going until 1. Who’s in?

    -January 21st is the big RVA CSAUP. Preblast should be hitting the boards any day now.

  2. Great Q and BB LabRat!! Enjoy the no core AO today but my legs may say otherwise. Welcome to Wheelie. Great EHing Opus!

    Thanks for keeping us dry today!

  3. Great Q as always, Lab Rat. I will work on forward progress with lunges. Guess I just felt weighed down after eating Spike’s dust around the track. That guy can fly!

  4. The Oval of Love almost made me splash merlot, especially now that it is delivered by a college graduate. If anyone needs gloves I have a deal for you. First taste is free. See me at my van, I mean car. Great Q once again Lab Rat! Well done men. I feel younger already. Opus’ band rocks – Sons of Zebedee. go see them, even if their core isn’t as solid as it could be after today. Spit is on Fire! can’t wait till Lab Rat Q Sat and a week from Sat at DOGPILE. Mudface will deliver this Fri.