Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Twelve Squared


10 of F3’s finest came out to take in an oh so rare Lockjaw Q.  Here is what transpired.

A counterclockwise jog around the AO complex to warm up and take in all the AO has to offer.

COP in the North West corner where we are joined by Toga from the shadows.

-Don Quixote x 20

-Arm Circles – 10 small, 5 large; 2nd set in reverso

-Imperial Walkers x 20

Eight is Enough – partner up and perform 8 BooYah Merkins.  Cycle through all members of the Pax for a total of 72.

Catch Me If You Can – Partner up with one running backwards and the other performing 5 burpees.  Upon completing the burpees, he chases down his partner and they swap roles.  Repeat until desired distance is covered.  Today we covered half the AO’s perimeter South on Hermitage and East on Laburnum.

Dora 1,2, 3 – Find a partner with one pax performing 100 scorpions, 200 American Hammers (2x count), 300 flutter kicks (2x count).  The other pax negotiates a route through or around the Christmas tree lot to the wall of the school and back.

Make our way to an empty fenced off enclave in the tree lot and line up for 11s – Merkins and WWI situps.  Lunge down and run back.

Back to the SF where YHC took us out.

Today’s pax witnessed two rare events – a Lockjaw Q and the return of Monkey Wrench who was presumed Kotters for about a year.  I endeavor to Q with greater frequency and we hope to see you back soon Monkey Wrench.

Darting through the rows of Christmas trees added a little diversion to the usual out and back with Dora and offered a refreshing smell of pine.

Not too much mumble chatter this morning.  The rain started coming down just after the COT cutting the lollygagging short.  However, of mention:

-Upchuck needs assistance with math as his 11s were adding up to 12…

-Ronnie had a deep cut quote from Tom Hank’s in Bachelor Party and the Pax chimed in with quotes for early 80’s Tom Hanks and John Candy films.  Perhaps there is a whole collection of pre-Philadephia/Saving Private Ryan movies worth re-watching.

-Someone mentioned that Saab drew a resemblance to Flavor Flav this morning in his appearance.  So if you have Saab for Secret Santa, a large clock on a chain or perhaps a classic Public Enemy album is in order.

I will leave you thinking about that last one….


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  1. Nice Q lockjaw. The run through the tree lot was very refreshing.

    Great to see Rev Run out there today. He tried to be discreet but the addidas shorts gave him away.

  2. Good, balanced workout LJ. Also appreciated Toga taking time and attention away from his workout so as to assist others and give them proper guidance on form, counting, blah blah blah…

    Crazy Eyes Killa’ out

  3. I forgot about the tree lot! It’s been too long since Lab Rat has graced the Punisher parking lot….

  4. You of all people should have known the difference between a WWI and WWII sit-up. Come on Flava Flav