Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tomato Run is under new management


This morning, Lab Rat set out to find out if there was still a pulse in the Tomato Run since the AO was switched over to the Rutland clubhouse.  He got there, looked around and saw no signs of life, so decided to climb back in the ratmobile to wait a couple minutes for stragglers then head back to more familiar territory and a solo run.  Alas, here comes Spike to scare the hell out of Lab Rat and let him know that the run was a GO.

This is a long standing neighborhood run, so YHC will cease to do F3 backblasts regarding this event.  However, F3 members have been invited to join in for a friendly bro-code run on Monday mornings, conveniently starting at the traditional time of 5:30 (a.m. of course).  All “pax” stayed together this mornig, and the mumblechatter was flowing.  YHC guesses the pace at around 9:00 minute miles, but didnt bother to look at GPS.  3-5 mile loops are options on this run.

YHC had a very pleasant run this morning, and he hopes to see a few more of the local pax venture out to meet up with this fine group of men.  Take note however that the meeting place is a short walk from the clubhouse, at the corner of Combs and Oakham Drives.


Thanks to Spike for banging on the glass and saving me from a lonely run this morning.  I enjoyed the company!


Lab Rat out.


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