Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dropping B.O.M.B.S.


A wet and cool sunny and 70 morning greeted the 9 strong PAX that rolled into NoToll to see what YHC had in store for them.  Due to the rain we did not get onto the fields to imprint a SAAB-like beating on them and stayed in the parking lot to get some work done.


SSHx25, Helicopter x15, Hillbillies x20, LBCx20

Partner up for B.O.M.B.S. – 50 Burpees, 100 Overhead Claps, 150 Merkins, 200-Big Boy Situps (WWII), 250 Squats

Mosey over to the fence for a triple check – Balls to the Wall, Pole Smokers, run across the lot and back.

Mosey to the Basketball Court for Mary

Boxcutters, Flutter Kicks, 1-leg APD, Crunchy Frogs

Merkin Finisher – 15 IC

COT and YHC took us out.


YHC signed up late yesterday afternoon to Q with no ideas until I scrolled through the list on the F3 site and found B.O.M.B.S. Having never done that before and always enjoying new things thought we would give it a whirl.  The PAX crushed it while enjoying some mumblechatter on the lap around the parking lot.  Flipper obviously carried Hardywood through the sets since they finished a lap ahead of everyone.

Great to meet Wheelbarrow and see him out at NoToll.  Salad Cream continues post and gets laughs whenever it comes around to him in the COT.  DK found some Salad Cream at Fresh Market and may be willing to share with any PAX that are interested.

DK confirmed that there are still 5 people left in his elimination pool which is impressive, no F3 guys remaining though.  A big change from last year when all but a few were knocked out after week 2.

Last week of support for F3 Hampton Roads – I will be leading a crew of 6 down on Saturday.  Last minute EH is encouraged.

Some potential 3rd F options coming up this month or the coming months as this is something a few in F3 Richmond have brought up recently and would like to be involved in.



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  1. Great Q, Rosie! Those BOMBS were brutal.

    It will be a sad day when I announce, “Chris Heinz, Salad Cream, 35” at namarama…..and it doesn’t get a chuckle. The PAX has not let me down yet.

  2. Great workout today – BOMBS was a great variation to DORA, very tough. Good work everyone!

  3. Great Q, Rosie.
    I’m going to sign up to Q next rain forecast @ NoToll to pull out The Human Squeegee on the basketball court.

    TClaps to Hardywood for pulling off an inverted balls-to-the-wall: hands in front, back arched, lower/mid section touching fence, toes/legs bent overtop of head, praising Wheelbarrow the whole time

  4. Just go ahead and put your name down for any Tuesday, it’s that time of year for NoToll. Forgot to mention the Superman at the end just to make sure the PAX was sufficiently drenched.

  5. Was wondering if Rosie’s 12 days of Xmas would reappear this am as I needed to rest the legs 1 more day. Glad to see that still might happen but BOMBS looks pretty awesome as well.

  6. Thanks for the reminder. Rest those vocal cords too, I am signed up for next Tuesday and there might be some changes in order.