Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cargo Short Weather


Three stalwarts posted in the gloom this AM at the weekly Northside ritual known as Punisher.  Brief mumblechatter before a prompt 530am start.  Mosey to the bball court for something like this:

20 – SSH
15 – Arm circles.  10 small, 5 large, forward and backward
15 – Imperial walkers
15 – Copperhead squats
15 – Don Quixote

The Thang
25 strides or so to the bus loop for curb crawls.  Up to 7, repeat and back down.  Bear Crawl & Crawl Bear.

Escalating 4 corners:
Start on the basketball court for 4 corners.  Exercises were Burpees/Jump Squats/Mountain Climbers/Flutter Kicks.  Sets were as follows:
– 5/10/15/20: 4 corners around the basketball court
– 10/15/20/25: 4 corners around the school
– 15/20/25/30: 4 corners around the compound

Plankormama + 20 WWII situps inbetween sets.

Mosey Front of building for triple check. People’s chair, LB cc and run a lap around the bus loop.

The weave!  Bear crawl in weave fashion between the cones blocking the parking lot.  ~ 8 cones, forward and backward.

A few minutes of Mary with Freddie Mercuries and single leg APDs.

With the rain last evening YHC was wondering if it would be a solo Q.  TClaps to Ronnie and Offshore for navigating their way out of the fartsack.

Ronnie showed up in his “beater” pair of columbia cargo shorts today, expecting to get a little wet.  There was ample opportunity to lay in the mud but most of the PAX avoided it.

Most of the mumblechatter during the workout was about Upward season beginning and talk of burpee discipline to those 2.0s that fail to listen during practice.  If anyone has been to a Splinter coaching Q you will know that it is a strong possibility.

– 3rd F in December possibly service oriented?  Ideas welcome
– Plenty of opportunities to Q now that the weather is becoming quite gloomy

Splinter out



  1. Proxied BB comment. Perhaps someone on this list can unlock Ronnie.

    “I have somehow managed to lock myself out of my F3 account so I cannot comment on the backblasts. Great Q this morning. I will attempt to continually impress you with my F3 wardrobe, though my beater cargo shorts may be tough to beat.”

  2. To Ronnie: If your fellow pax member Offshore will break out his platform shoes again, your cargo shorts would find themselves lacking. Do not underestimate this group’s ability to show up in something completely ridiculous. A for effort though!

    Way to keep the Punisher alive!