Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Texas Beach is Open for Business


Four PAX emerged to open the trails for the few from RVA not at the Bear Creek.

The THANG: Texas Beach, then loop around pipeline trail for about 4 miles total.  COT

NMM: The PAX posted to the parking lot, each expecting to be the only runners this morning, but were rewarded with the company of three others with the same goals for the morning.  F3 delivers again.

The parking lot was 100% F3 at the start of the run, and there were very few others on the trails.

Cliffhanger (Rosie 2.0) is preparing for the track team in the spring.  Way to run today!  The PAX hopes F3 becomes a regular part of your preseason routine, and will be anxious to follow your season.

It was great to have Aisle 5 back on the trails.  He claims to be haunted by YHC whispering in his ear whenever running uphill, even when YHC is right in front of him or 200 miles away.

Best wishes to the Bear Creek crew.  PAX will be anxious for stories about the adventures there.

Last Sunday, YHC’s car almost broke down on the way to the AO.  YHC was able to limp into the dealer and the M picked him up.  Lesson learned, though: regardless of how you want to dress for a workout, be prepared for a breakdown just in case!

Rosie’s crew is getting geared up for the next trip to Mount Trashmore next Saturday.  Final details coming early this week.



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  1. Way to represent. Missed yall this morning.

    Don’t worry, plenty of stories coming out of the bear creek run today. Let’s just say officially it was 10, but some pax weren’t happy with that distance!

    Glad to see aisle 5 hanging tough.

  2. Glad to see you were out there Aisle 5. Hope to see you in the gloom and on next weekend’s trail run.

  3. This has been a great weekend!! I had a breakthrough run on Friday and was able to get my brain out of the way of my potential, then I took a half day at work to get my M’s honey do list done before the weekend, I was able to run the trails on Sunday (and almost keep up with Cliff Hanger aka Rosie 2.0) and I logged back into F3 without getting “locked out”.

    I am also most appreciative and humbled by the support and love I have gotten from this group. Thanks Fellows!!