Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Morning Jog down Aisle 5


Mid 30s and sunny for the start of a friday morning jog from MM.

The Thang:

St. Christopher’s loop: 6 miles down grove to Roseneath to Patterson to St. Chris Lane to 3 Chopt to Grove and back to the flag.  5 miles down grove to malvern to Patterson and back. 4.5 miles down commonwealth to Patterson and back.


The fast boys are fast.  They let the horses out of the barn today and easily made the 6+ miles in the 45 miles that were allocated.  Group included Sippy and Marv (the bronchitis crew), Saab and L O L A – Lola.  Fudd started out with them and hung with the group for a bit, then decided to slow things down a little bit and run with the rest of the crew.  He hit the jets to catch up with us and then backed things off for the rest of the run.

The rest of the crew opted for the 4.5 mile relaxed run today.  A few of the PAX are running the Bear Creek race this weekend and wanted and easy jaunt for this Friday morning.  Since we were all going 4.5, I convinced (or maybe just told) Aisle 5 to do the 4.5 miles with us.  He has been running a little bit on his own, but had not been out to a group run in a bit.  He kept himself moving and had a great run with the rest of us.  Swirly was like a caged animal doing the relaxed run,  He survived, but you could see that there was excess energy that needed to be released.  Fortunately Lab Rat had some of the PAX doing mini sprints (fartleks) during the run which kept Swirly, Back Bay, Lab Rat, Fudd and Taxi Cab ok with the pace.  For YHC it was awesome to just have an easy relaxed run (as an aside, the pace I did today used to be my top end speed before running and training with the group).

Aisle 5 took us out with an emotional account of the run and the value of F3 in his life.  Great to have you back out there today Mr. 5.  Keep taking your DRP (daily red pill)….it is much better than the medication the doctors try to give you….

Good luck to the Bear Creek runners on Sunday.  Aisle 5 will be on the trail run and could use some company for those that are not running Bear Creek.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Enjoyed the run today gentlemen. Thanks to Aisle 5 for the pacing today, it is what we needed.

    Perfect morning for the run

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Fantastic morning for a run – great route/pace TYA!
    Well done guys – Aisle 5 baby ! So glad to have you back with us this morning – we missed you brother..
    Awesome to have Fudd appear out of the gloom as well – miss seeing Fuddski every morning so great to have him join us on a weekday workout when he can..
    Bear Creek baby – here we come !!!

  3. Great to run with you for a bit, Fudd. Others as well, but knowing the effort it takes to get here, we are just glad to have you around.

    Also, Aisle 5 I dont know whether to hug you or kick you! Keep getting your ass up and out here, dammit!

    Also, if you happened to show up at Bear Creek to perform trail run there, I hear tell that there will be a mobile ET’s set up out of the RatMobile post run (you dont have to run the race course, there are other trails). It’s BYOK (bring your own Kambucha), but everything else should be accounted for.

    Great idea on the group run this morning, that was fun.

  4. Nice company on a route I never ran before (hacking coughs and all). Aisle 5 summed it up well. It’s unsettling to think back to my life as a lone runner after experiencing the 2nd-F with all of you gents. Also highly impressed with TYA and his recent PR’s. First he sheds the running tights, now he shows up in a t-shirt in shorts in 30ish degree weather. Next think you know he’ll be streaking through Windsor Farms on a snow day.* The man’s an animal.

    * While wearing Tron of course…safety first!

  5. Does TYA need the tron if he’s shirtless?
    Good to see Aisle 5 got back in the mix, now he’ll be ready for the EH reminders to post at SOT.

  6. Great run this morning pax! That was my RAMM run virginity. I can’t believe there are 12 other guys who are crazy enough to run in the cold gloom like that! It really goes much faster running with some good folks. Thanks!!


  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Glad to have you out there for RAMM LOLA…. Be sure to be there when it’s 0 and we run – it’s a blast !!

  8. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Splinter may need to start a sign up sheet to pick up TYA at his house in the holler as the weather gets colder and it snows. Given the wardrobe trend, “not it” for BT;)

  9. This has been a great weekend!! I had a breakthrough run on Friday and was able to get my brain out of the way of my potential, then I took a half day at work to get my M’s honey do list done before the weekend, I was able to run the trails on Sunday (and almost keep up with Cliff Hanger aka Rosie 2.0) and I logged back into F3 without getting “locked out”. Coincidence, I think not.

    I am also most appreciative and humbled by the support and love I have gotten from this group. Thanks Fellows!!