Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Everyone’s Sweat Looks The Same


18 warriors arose to greet the day and to dominate Friday.  The willing and able of the Atlee brigade answered the call to action:

The thang:

COP:  SSH, Imperial Walker, LCB, Freddie Mercury X 20, Merkin X 10

Power of 10:  10 rounds of the following – 10 Merkin, 10 Squat and 10 two-count American Hammers.  Complete one round at each end of the parking lot.

Pyramid of Success: Partner up and complete a round of Boo-ya merkins and Partner Burpees.  The pyramid is 2, 4, 6, 8, 6, 4, 2 of each exercise with a short run between each one.

Circle of Life:  Partner up.  Working your way around the building one partner runs and the other partner completes a forward moving exercise.  Once the person running catches the person exercising, they switch it up. The exercises are lunges and polar bears.  Alternate until a complete circle has been made around the building.

Numberama, namerama and The Carpenter took us out.

Moleskin:  The Creek has been on the radar for quite some time for YHC and the Atlee brigade did not disappoint.  YHC found it very pleasing to see an incredible effort from the entire pax.  Of note was a considerable variation in ages.  From teenagers to a 60 year old warrior, everyone’s sweat looks the same. If you can show up and give a hi-five, you can do this.  TClaps to the men who have built and strengthen this community.  You should be very proud of this work.

News:  Bear Creek 10 Miler is this weekend.  If you have interest in a rumble in the woods, see Circle K or Lab Rat.

Next weekend is the final weekend of the Hampton Roads launch. Rosie is leading the charge.  The willing and able should join him.

The M of Emoji completed her final round of chemo this week. She is a warrior princess and has won this battle.  Here’s to a speedy recovery and a lifetime of adventures.

Please keep Toga and Abacus in your thoughts and prayers.  Both of these fine men experiences the passing of family members this week. The will be challenges in the coming weeks and months for our brothers. However, if there was ever anyone up to the call to lead their families it is these two outstanding men.

Your call to action is to be the best version of yourself and dominate your Friday.

Be super.



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  1. Gents, I could not thank you enough for the warm greeting and monster effort today. You guys have created something really special in your community. The secret sauce of bringing a range of men together who are connected by principles, may be the greatest gift we could give our communities. If this has made an impact on your life, it’s your obligation to share that gift. Be super.

  2. Thanks for the beatdown this morning Hardywood. I had plenty of sweat rolling this morning, due to the fact I channeled my inner Wilson and way overdressed this morning. Abacus and Toga, you are in our prayers. I am off to be Super and conquer the day.

  3. Hardywood thank you for making the trip up North this morning. I know the Atlee brigade really appreciate it. I enjoyed those Boo-ya Merkins! Nice have to some new.

    Amazing to get this Friday started!

    Prayers go out to Toga and Abacus!

  4. Nice work men. Hardywood, way to branch out and spread your positivity and punishment. Power of 10 followed by the Pyramid…yikes! Stong!

    Toga and Abacus, you and your families are in my prayers.

  5. Nice to have a stranger from Southside beat us all down up here Northside. Surprised that Hardywood could understand our accents here, but the fellowship was very strong, and fitness was greatly increased. Ouch. We are better men because of the Q’s visit. We hand you a key to our city, welcome anytime. Great workout. Thanks for an excellent morning. To all the men, young and old, be well and be strong!

  6. A fantastic workout. 32 degrees never felt so warm. I was considering adding a footnote to the BB – carpooling teenage hockey players recently has really made me wonder about age-related odor differences in sweat; however, after having to pull out the Febreeze for my car after F3 workouts this week, I think we can be just as offensive at any age. Thanks for great leadership, Hardywood.

  7. So glad I went this morning despite my lack of sleep last night. Glad for the workout, but also the exuberant encouragement from Hardywood. That was such a help this morning. Loved the boo ya merkins this morning.

  8. You will never feel more positive, encouraged, and super…then after a Hardywood Q… and by the way it will kick your butt.Sounds like a worthy beatdown