Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The exercise that shall not be named…


16 (+/-) arrived in unseasonably warm weather to get their day off to the right start.  This is what transpired:

COP:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, DQ’s, LBC’s

Red Barchetta:  Suicides to 100, 75, 50, 25 yard lines.  Perform the following all single count, respectively:  100 flutter kicks, 75 Mountain Climbers, 50 LBC, 25 Burpees

Crawl across (4) tennis courts:  Bear Crawl, Crab Crawl, Crawl Bear, and Polar Bear.  Repeat going back.

Catch Me if You Can:  Partner up.  Partner 1 runs backwards on track while partner 2 performs 5 burpees and then runs (facing forward) to tag partner, then switch.  2 laps

Triple Check:  Balls to Wall, WWII, Run to other side of court, perform 5 high knee jumps, then return.  Person doing B-to-Wall bear crawls to WWII station.  4 rounds

Circle of Fire:  Burpee shuffle, then a few minutes of Mary:  Rosalitas, Hello Dollys, and Superman


To celebrate the conclusion of last month’s challenge (that shall not be named), YHC made an effort to avoid the not-aforementioned exercise.  For the most part he was successful with exception of including the beloved Polar Bears.  Furthermore, when some inquired about how to perform the exercise, YHC declined full explanation and left it to others to elaborate on what to perform every 5 steps.

Cautions were laid out in advance of the Catch Me If You Can and, as far as YHC knows, obstacles were avoided and all the backwards runners stayed upright.  One can only imagine what the couple walking their dogs thought (or their dogs for that matter) as they were passed by those running backwards and hitting the ground for burpees.

YHC did not hear much mumble chatter.  He chalked that off to his distraction as the Q, the high amount of aerobic activity, and the absence of TYA who showed at the very end.  Credit to TYA for at least showing up at the end and explaining the legitimate reason for his absence.

Further thoughts were expressed regarding the passing of Toga’s father.  We look forward to him getting back to Richmond.

Announcements:  Bear Creek this weekend.  Some were quick to (still) offer up Lab Rat’s back door, which raised concerns his back door was getting an awful lot of use.  But as Swirly rightly stated:  “not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well done Saab – that was a solid/creative Q – way to bring it! Was feeling 9000 in Nov plus Hardywood’s workout from yesterday so the lack of the exercise that shall not be named this morning worked well for me..
    Good job guys – Two can getting better everyday buddy – love it man way to push..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Yo Swirly…thanks for sticking up for a brother! Sorry to not take it on the chin(?) in person, but Hardywood broke me yesterday.

  3. Great Q Saab and kudos for the pax for their excellent rendition of New York, New York. The backwards running is no joke and it turns out is Splinters super power. Way to work fellas.

  4. Ah, lest I forget Hardywood’s singing – if that is a proper description. I think we finally found something he is not “super” at 🙂 It was fun though. I’ll bet the tomatoes were envious of our ring of fire.

  5. Great Q Saab! Way to substitute the exercise not to be named with burpees…I have been craving more of those in recent workouts.

    Also good job to the Pax on the singalong. I needed that at the end of that beatdown.

    Thanks for leading. See you next time.


  6. I beg to differ…Hardywood was all over those high harmonies and falsettos during the rosalitas.

  7. I am sore and tired today that means one thing a great Q!!! Thanks Saab for saving us on the merkins the burpees’s were totally a great idea!!! NOT very bad idea I would rather do merkins any day!!!