Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Flipphone saves the day


A PAX of 1 initially posted to Circus Maximus on an unusually warm December morning. 10 minutes in another pax arrived later to push YHC.

Solo pax- 200 burpees, 150 pull ups on a tree branch, 500 Donkey kicks. Elbow plank to rest, Flipphone arrives.

Farmers Carry around loop. Cop- ssh, Don Qs, Flutterkicks, Merkins ,  Helicopters.

Parking space escalator – Start at 1 spot, 10 reps, lunge to next spot, increase by 10, up to 30. Exercises were : Swings, Halos, Squats, Cleans.

Mosey to grass. Boat/Canoes w/ KB for 2 mim.Elbow plank for 1 min. Run lap around loop. 30 Swings, 20 Tricep Press, 20 Rows each Arm. another set of Boat/Canoe. Alabama Honeymoons. American Hammers, 20 Situp presses,  10 Burpees to finish.

NMS- YHC estimates the solo part, not sure as he descended into madness quickly. YHC chose to forgo KB exercises, instead leaving it to rest as an inanimate PAX, ala Wilson from Castaway. Just as YHC was thinking of ways to draw a face on the KB Flipphone arrived, with his own (albeit borrowed) kettlebell.

From there we got down to business. YHC enjoyed getting to know Flipphone better. The boat/Canoe with the kettlebell was tough. that gets a burn going fast. Definitely need to add that to the CM rotation.

At 5:35 YHC was tempted to hop over to 45MoM but glad I stayed so Flipphone would have not been alone.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    You got a ton done in ten minutes honeydo. Why not throw 1000 merkins into the mix? Nice wirk

  2. Great job, now that’s a slaughter starter. Needed a smartsack day after the first few days of this week, will get those southside kettlebellers back over there soon.

  3. That was next on my list when Flipphone arrived. All part of the F3 Zen Axiom:
    “If you Q a beatdown but no PAX are there to witness it, does he post a BackBlast?”