Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

(Tony) Horton Hears a Who


11 Whos gathered in Whodaville for a beautiful if not drizzly spring morning.  Lab Rat planted a SF and promised the pax something a bit different, and delivered upon that promise.  The effectiveness of “different” will be determined in how the pax feels later on today.  Here is what went down:


  • Parking lot Tracers


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Arm Circles
  • Push-fest:  Werkins, Merkins, Diamond Merkins….50 total for merkin counters


Cardio/Plyo festival:  Exercises of various times and repetitions, all designed to get the heart rate up and the feet off the ground.  Exercises all stolen from the great Tony Horton’s P90X playbook, which included:  jump squats, runner squats, Heisman hold, circle (K) run/people’s chair sequence, jump tucks, ball dippers, frog squats (2 ways), line hops, puddle jumps, squat jacks, ode to Opus (Rock Star hops), Russian soldier, monster truck tires (they were invisible), hot foot, jump shots, and last but certainly not least….the halfback.

2 MOM:  a whole lot of Freddie Mercury

Paul Harvey (the rest of the story)

Lab Rat has been sitting with this idea in his back pocket for a while….and he couldnt think of a time more fitting to pull it out than when wrapping up the merkin challenge.  Everybody is about sick of those by now, right?  YHC did throw a bone to the pax still playing catch up with the push-fest in the COP.  Speaking of which, sorry about the no gloves required statement at beginning, Lab Rat forgot that the b-ball courts are made of 40 grit.

Although the workout load this morning could fall on the easier side of a normal workout, there was however the opportunity for the pax to really push the pace if so desired.  A positive note about it was that the pax was able to hold close together.  The bummer was mumblechatter was extremely low with Lab Rat on the Q…..and no TYA or Toga to antagonize him.  Definitely a repeat in some form or fashion though.  This would be a beautiful workout to do the day after a big upper body workout (aka any Swirly Q).

YHC is happy, and knows that Yard Sale must be beaming about Chapstick’s continued postings.  That kid is en fuego!  14 years old and a regular pax member.  Well done, Chapstick, much respect.

Also glad to see Neck Brace posting up.  Glad to have you this morning, glad to see you becoming a regular!

YHC would also like to make note that Lab Rat relied heavily on a Weinke this morning.  Lab Rat HATES using a Weinke.


  • Tomato run is hereby moved to the Rutland neighborhood clubhouse.  Options for 3 to 6 miles available there (as well as the company of other pax).  Lab Rat will get with Wilson and DK to get proper updates made to e-services.
  • Third F round table discussion planned for Thursday morning 12/8/16 6:30 a.m. at the Rise and Shine Diner on Sliding Hill Rd.  Lab Rat believes that The Carpenter is heading that up.
  • Save the Month!  Rumor has it that there will be a CSAUP event at some arbitrary date in January that will include running from AO to AO (or hitching) to celebrate the badassery of F3RVA.  Do not see Circle K for details.
  • Thoughts, Prayers and Praises to Mrs. Emoji for her last round of chemo this week!  Well done, and much respect to her for enduring.  We look forward to the details of her awesome recovery in the near future.

Lab Rat out


p.s.  for those interested, there are 6 pax members referenced in this BB that did not post at DaVille this morning.  That’s bananas.


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  1. Due to mental fog this morning, CSAUP date is 1/21/17. 3-4 hour workout beginning and ending at Dogpile 6am. Great change of pace this am LabRat. Well done by all.

  2. Great Q this morning LabRat. Really enjoyed working the lower body after missing tomato run yesterday. I thought Emoji was going to cry when you mentioned this would be like P90X.

    Announcement correction: 3rd F gathering will be next Thursday at 6:30am at Rise and Shine Diner on Sliding Hill Road.

  3. Thanks, Spit….correction made to original document.

    Happy yall liked the change of pace! Back to the tires for the next one though…..

  4. Holy smoke! If this morning fell on the easier side of normal, then either I have really been cheating my way through these boot camps, or I had way too much pumpkin pie. Fortunately my office is on the same floor as physical therapy and rehab. I may be hobbling down the hall to pay them a visit. Great Q today. Loved – and needed – it!

  5. I was thinking the same thing — there was nothing easy about all that jumping we did today. On a positive note, my arms had a chance to relax and recover from all the merkins. Whew! I really needed today to work off all the turkey and pie and such consumed over the long weekend. Thanks, LaBrat for the change of pace!

  6. OK, maybe it wasnt “easy”…which I am glad to hear. But no crawling or bears, or crabs, or other animals I have grown to hate made the change of pace feel a little like cheating. Also, very little counting. I mean, your welcome.

    Also, thanks for the name change, Opus.

  7. I would agree it wasn’t necessarily easier but a nice change of pace. It’s always good to get some new excerises in the mix.

  8. Easy compared to 50 burpees at the start at NoToll. That’ll teach you to leave Honeydo out of your PAX mentions…