Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words


7 faithful and bone chilled PAXs shook off the post-Thanksgiving doldrums to sally forth into the Gloom.  This is how it went down:

Jog around school for warmth
SSH’s x20
Imperial walkers x20
Don Quixote x10
Arm circles x15 small + x10 larger (+ reverso)
Invisible jump rope
Back and forths (boxing exercise…if these become common, we’ll give these an F3 name)…bounce front foot to back foot, two slide steps forward, two backward, add the jab if you have it.  Piece of cake for the first 20 seconds, all bets are off thereafter.  Nice alternative to planking, especially in the cold.

Mosey to the picnic benches for a Triple Ladder

Incline Merkins (x20 down to x1)
Box cutters (x20 to x1)
LBCs (x20 to x1)

Add light run from benches to sidewalk between Incline ‘Merkins and remaining exercises to keep blood temperature above freezing.

Pax persisted from 20 reps down to 12…in the interest of variety, YHC called an audible and the PAX hoofed it to the blacktop for…

…Wilt Chamberlin (100 of 4 exercises at each corner).  Split up into 4 reps of 25 with alternating arc loaders and sprints linking the corners (short side arc loaders, long side sprints).

100 Rosalitas
100 flutter kicks
100 mountain climbers
100 Freddie Mercuries

Run back to flag to finish.  YHC felt the PAX desirous of a more “chesty” regimen, so the PAX closed with 5 ‘Mercans, even holding in the low position for 3 seconds on the last one.  YHC aims to leave it all out there.

Number-Rama, Name-a-Rama (YHC humbly reminds himself to name himself), and YHC took us out.


The PAX shared multiple ways to RSVP to a workout.  Chum Bucket gave a hard commit after the Sunday Fun Run, but found a work conflict later in the day.  He graciously texted his regrets to YHC late Sunday, demonstrating his appreciation for the brotherhood that is F3.  Job well done.

Rumor has it that Saab (Saab!!!) of all people “head faked” multiple PAX into attending.  “You guys going?”  “Yep, you bet.  How about you?”  “Uh, nope, just wanted to see if you were.”  Could be a rumor as it sounds very un-Saab-like.  But, given his dominating performance in the Sunday Fun Run, Saab deserves a day off.  Look for him tomorrow (YHC hereby RSVP’s “no” for Tuesday).

Toga correctly noted that this was YHC’s sophomore (or is that sophomoric?) Q.  Nice memory.  When YHC joked about being lost and looking for The Carillon (conveniently not located at The Punisher), Toga immediately asked about the Dick Pics taken by one of YHC’s former colleagues.  YHC wondered silently about Toga’s word association.  Apparently, that’s a picture worth a 1,000 words.

Nice to see Ronnie join the PAX again.  He’s becoming a Punisher regular, and with the Lock Jaw clown car, the PAX are demonstrating increased efficiency (and commitment).  4 cars for 5 Westham residents.  Call it a 20% carbon footprint reduction.  YHC complements the PAX on their environmental consciousness.


T-shirts remain available on the website…Splinter noted that the W-Dog version comes at the bargain price of $6, perhaps subsidized by the corporate office, or perhaps an unintended Cyber Monday deal.

Toga mentioned the desire (need, perhaps) for a 3rd F event in the near term.  YHC strongly supports ideas for an event that would benefit from some F3 effort.  All of us can be better men for the holidays and the New Year.

Lastly, good luck to all the Bear Creek runners this weekend.  YHC will be there ready to police up anyone at the back of the pack.  Should be a good time.  Lock Jaw has committed to not committing…sounds like a PAX in need of a Head Lock.  Let’s get out there and earn those t-shirts.


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  1. “Sophomoric” implies a certain juvenile attitude that lent itself to bringing up the story of the kinds of things Upchuck looks at during working hours. My hope was that it would lead you to tell the story and get some mumble chatter going. It backfired, and I think the PAX was left stunned trying to figure out why you had stories about said pics. Thankfully you brought things into focus with the backstory after the COT.

  2. Lab Rat would like to think he has the market cornered on ‘sophomoric’. But considering both Upchuck and Toga at 1 AO leaves me feeling like a part of the crowd.

  3. I’ll work on another story. The Murderer was a good start. DP’er is a close #2. These things come in three’s, right?