Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

LBT Community grows


6 strong men emerged from their fartsacks to take on the trails of Richmond.

The Thang

Northbank to Belle Isle to Buttermilk and back to the parking lot.  Saab added a loop around Forrest Hill park.


Great weather for a run.  32 degrees at the start and 45 at the finish.  Sunny the whole time.  Given the weather and the recent discussions around appropriate attire, today was a good test of how the PAX felt.  The PAX voted and the LBT (Long Black Tight) community ruled the day.  Fudd and FNG The Whittler opted for the most manly option and wore the long black tights sans shorts.  Upchuck donned the tights with shorts on top,  a good choice, but an unnecessary component in the shorts.  The rest of the PAX wore shorts (given the weather, not a bad choice).  Had the weather been a little cooler, YHC would have joined Fudd and The Whittler with the LBT.  Great to see the confidence (and fashion sense) of the group growing and more men standing up for their god given rights. Stay strong men!!

The trails and parking lot were packed today.  Lots of hikers and other runners along the trail.  Good to see the trails of RVA being utilized to their fullest (even better that no bikers were on the trails).

Great second F at Ellwoods afterwards for Saab, Upchuck, The Whittler and YHC.  Conversation centered around the various running events we have and will participate in including the BRR, Bear Creek, and the SMR.




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  1. Sundays aren’t the same without sore legs. Missed yall this morning, LBT’s and all.

    Saab, Bear Creek in 1 week, not 2. Adjust your calendar accordingly.

    Until the gloom….

  2. Yup, by my math that’s two weeks of tapering before the big race.

    BTW, the LBT contingent I encountered on Forest Hill was well worth the excursion. (No offense guys, but it’s not just the packaging – it’s what you slip into it.)