Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beware of falling objects


5 RVA regulars and 1 from CLT – Huntersville posted to RAMM on a foggy and warm morning to jog of some of the Thanksgiving excess.  Temps were 50 degrees at the start.  Same route as last week.

5 Milers – Commonwealth to Monument, Right on Davis, Right on Cary back to MM.

6 Milers – Comm to Monument, Right on Allen, Cary back to MM

NMS – So YHC took Q again at RAMM hoping to put in some extra miles in preparation for Bear Creek.  Unfortunately YHC’s legs were not in agreement with this plan and neither were any of the other PAX interested in some extra miles past the 45 minute timeframe, excluding Sippy who jogs out & back anyways.

Glad to have Megaphone along for the run. He lived up to his name and made for good company for the 5 miles.  Even Lab Rat said he was chatty.  Hope to you can make it out to Dogpile tomorrow  while you are in town.

On Monument with the 2 other 5 mile PAX running on one side of the street we heard a loud crash on the other side of the street, right where TYA was running.  Believing he had finally spontaneously combusted we stopped to make sure all was right.  Turns out a large limb had fallen off a tree 50 feet in front of TYA on the sidewalk.  Who knew running on the sidewalk on Monument Ave is more dangerous than the RVA trails.

Sippy and Saab blew past YHC and Megaphone on Cary and made the 6 miles look easy as usual.




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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Had swirly been at the AO this morning, the branch falling would not have been an issue. He scouts the whole ao, Including all running routes for safety prior to PAX arriving. He would have cleared that branch from the tree in advance. He was sorely missed this am!

  2. Nice work this morning gentleman. Impressed Sippy can pound out such speed and distance after running to the AO (and spending extended time on a trampoline the day before).

    The fact that TYA did not even pay notice to the falling tree is a testament to his intrepid nature. To that, I’ll plan a route where we all make it a point to stick with TYA throughout the run – in the interest of togetherness. I think TYA would really enjoy that.