Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It was a bit of a zoo out there


15 Faithful gathered for a brisk workout at the Carillon

COP 10x Helicopters, 10x Don Quixote, 20x Imperial Walkers, 8x Sidewinder Merkins (at six inches move body from left to right then back up) 10x Bear Burpee OYO (start in bear crawl  positing and spring forward into a merkin, explode back into bear).

Mosey to the Rusty Cage for: Orangutans–grab bar and move around cage as far as you can, alternating directions 2x.  Then 3 sets alternating Jerkins (8x) and partner dips on the parallel bars.

Mosey to the top of love hill for a downhill Ark Loader  with multiple sets of:

ABCD:  Alligator crawls (straight legs in plank position), Bear Crawls, Crawl Bears, and Dog Crawls (Down Dog position with straight legs)

Crab walks with 90 degree turns at Q’s call.


We ended about 2/3 of the way down the hill and moseyed to the bottom

Partner Carry up the grassy hill.  Alternate when tired.  Balls to the wall at the top.

Mosey back to the FLAG.

COT YHC took us out with a prayer of Thanksgiving.


Great work by the Pax today.  It’s great to see Lola and Ronnie becoming regulars.  Several of the regulars were able to make it all of the way around the cage in the orangutan’s which was impressive!

YHC decided to try a number of new, experimental exercises today.  The Bear Burpees were surprisingly tough as they require an explosive Merkin to get back into the bear position.  The Alligator Crawls are a real calf-burner.   The hope was to make it all of the way down the hill, but we ran out of time.

The lack of intense cardio work and the long, long crawl down the hill kept the Pax together and there was a lot of mumblechatter.  I’m not sure who started the Chevy Chase movie quote string, but there were many references.  Feel free to pipe in with clips, etc.


1 hour workout tomorrow at MM.

Clown car going to Mt. Trashmore this weekend.  Talk to Hardywood if interested in going.


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  1. Nice theme! Lab Rat feels he missed a chance to fit right in with all the animals this morning. Also hate that I missed a good mumblechatter session.

    Also, happy to see the “Orangutan” make another appearance.

    “That there Clark is an RV. Now dont you get all attached to it, because we’re taking it with us when we leave next month.”
    -Cousin Eddie

  2. I’m fairly certain we got through just about all of Fletch. “What kind of a name is Poon?”

    As someone noted, Sippy went to the well for some different activities this morning. New things are always appreciated, and special thanks to Splinter for the firm scissoring. I’ll miss you guys tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I agree we pretty much exhausted our Fletch quotes. I just performed a quick search on repeatable quotes from Fletch Lives, but nothing came back.

    Nice animal theme Sippy…it truly was a beast getting down Love-hill. My legs are still burning.

    Disappointed Toga chose not to carry me up the hill in his arms, but I suppose he was just worn out from the orangutans. Perhaps next time.

  4. Great work this morning gents. Sure am glad I did not forget my gloves this morning.

    Fletch dreaming of playing bball with the Lakers and the announcer says “6’5″ or 6’9″ with the afro”

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Loved all the Fletch quotes – this morning – Christmas Vacation is next – fella’s …
    Good Q Sippy..
    Hardywood showed tremendous leg strength carrying me up half that hill – well done brother..
    See y,all in the gloom… Happy Thanksgiving Toga – we will miss you out there in the gloom tomorrow dude..

  6. Great Q Sippy Cup. The partner dips were no joke. That might be the first round in the rusty cage with no dedicated pull ups. Good work fellas! Hope to see everyone who is in town at Mary tomorrow.

    Be super.


  7. Thanks for introducing the Orangutan, LR. We did it in the opposite direction from low to high, and some guys still made it all of the way to the other side.

  8. Nice Q, Sippy. The Partner Carry gave me a chance to re-visit my childhood and thank Dad (Circle K) for a great trip to Disney as he was carrying my tired tail back to the car.

    Hasta mañana.

  9. Great workout Sippy! Hardywood, thanks for the encouragement with the jerkins to push me further.

    EF – I hope I didn’t crush you with my piggy back ride. You powered up that hill!