Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Winter Is Coming….


12 eager and ready assembled at DaVille for a bitter cold morning. Having received notice the day prior that Abacus was not going to be able to make the Q, YHC stepped in without hesitation. Knowing it was going to be the coldest and driest the PAX had seen this season, YHC devised a workout that would not allow anyone within the PAX to grow cold. Here it is:


The Thang:

Parking Lot Chasers then Mosey to the front of AHS for COP.



SSH x 30 IC

Don Quixote x 25 IC

Invisible Jump Rope x 20 IC

Jump Squats x 20

LBC x 20 IC

Freddie Mercury x 20 IC

Merkins x 30 IC

Typical Arm Circles (10 Small – 5 Large – Reverso) IC


Mosey to CMS track for 4 corners


4 Corners

Partner up and perform Merkins and Partner Leg tosses at each corner of the track. Beginning and finishing at the same corner, so ultimately 5 sets were achieved.

Corner 1: 30 Merkins + 10 PLT

Corner 2: 25 Merkins + 15 PLT

Corner 3: 20 Merkins + 20 PLT

Corner 4: 15 Merkins + 25 PLT

Return to Corner 1: 10 Merkins + 30 PLT


Mosey to Pull-up Bars for Elevens.


Elevens: Pull ups and Burpees

Alternate Pull ups and Burpees while beginning with 1 Pull up, run the back stretch of the track, then perform 10 Burpees, then return back to the pull up bars for the next set. Add a pull up and subtract a burpee each set until the final set is 10 pull ups and 1 burpee.


****Not all sets were completed as time was limited****


Indian run back to flag for Numberama, Namarama, & Announcements.

The Carpenter took us out.


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  1. Strong Q! It was insanely (but wonderfully?) cold out there but you kept us moving. There is nothing better than pushing through a workout under the stars! Well done, Sugar Baby!!

  2. Agreed, a solid Q. I say Sugar Baby gets dibs on pumpkin pie. Good to see Sunshine back out. I was grateful Hat Trick gave me an excuse to drive rather than bike this morning. Do you think Hanover County Public Schools would object to a bonfire?