Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who else drives a WDog truck?


A determined dozen posted to the cold, but dry, fields of NoToll on a brisk 26 degree morning. The PAX got right to it to get warm:

COP – SSH, Merkins ,  DQs, Freddy Mercurys   (done in Flutterkick variant style), Merkins again

Plank line up for Human Centipede. Elbow plank while end PAX Broad jumps up and over pax. 2 rounds.

Mosey to covered benches. 10,20,30 of 3 exercises. Dips, Derkins, and Box Jumps. Run field in between. mosey to bleachers. partner up. 1 runs field and back while other does bench kicks.

Mosey to new fence. 20 Donkey Kicks and 8 Polar bears, 3 sets. head to tennis court. Bear crawl 1 court, 5 Burpees, run next court 5 more burpees. 2 sets. Then Crab walk court, 5 Burpees, lunge next court. 2 times. mosey to Basketball court for mary: Freddy Mercurys  (traditional) & American Hammers.

NMS – A strange vehicle for NoToll was there when YHC arrived- a Woodfin truck, hmm, who else do we know who drives one since Swirly doesn’t post to NoToll since Spider Run began? Rosie and YHC pondered this  we waited for  the other pax to break the seal on their warm car and enter the Gloom. after some discussion Swirly emerged, good to have you back at NoToll.

Attire again was varied, some in shorts, some in layers. Gumbo had so much on YHC could not tell it was him until he spoke. Hardywood pussed out and wore a vest finally. Seriously no sleeves in 26 degrees? Did you give all your sweat shirts to Lost & Found?

YHC has been wanting to break out the Human Centipede at a larger Q but felt doing it at the 2.0 Gridiron was possibly inappropriate so the PAX got to try it with a dozen of us. 2 rounds of that got us going. YHC was out of breath for pretty much the rest of the beatdown.

Good to see Sin Bin out again, Rosie must have a special EH power since he texted him to come back out on a cold A$$ morning and he actually posted.

YHC did brain fart on the Freddy Mercurys in the COP, or maybe it was a test to see if the Pax are watching the Q. Consider this a pass Pax .

Mumblechatter focused around the need again for Winter Gloom gloves. it’s that time of year again where the hardest part of posting is the evening attire prep the night before…

Announcements – 60mom at Mumford at normal time on Thursday. YHC expressed interest in longer routes for RAMM this Friday with the lack of school and reduced work schedule for most. Chime in if you are game. Lab Rat?



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Glad to visit/secure No Toll this morning ….
    Heck of a beatdown Honeydo… Forgot how much those derkins hurt… My hands are still frozen from the donkey kick polar bears..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. HoneyDo, you forgot to mention that the shoulder burn was accentuated after the donkey kick polar bears with a call for Balls to the Wall just for good measure…it felt like the shaming scene in Game of Thrones…

  3. Honeydo, I am not sure how you fit that much into 45 min and I am with DK, the BTTW did not receive enough credit above. Elbow planks on the frozen field, not quite sure how Hardywood was able to handle that, impressive.

  4. Great Q HoneyDo! I feel like we somehow got a 2 for 1 workout with all that was covered today. My shoulders were worked from the donkey polar bear into bttw routine, and were rendered useless by the end of the burpee circuit on the tennis courts. South Side F3 has seen a lot of burpees so far this Thanksgiving week.

    Way to bring it and I look forward to the next one.


  5. Total body beatdown. I was spent and sweating like a hog under all my layers. I could have smoked some brisket on my chest – dutch-oven style. The centipede got it started right.

    Great to have Swirly back out at NoToll. Props to Hardywood…his coffee must have a little something extra in it that mine doesn’t have.

    Great to have Shawshank back out. He has definitely been putting in his PT time at VMI and it shows.

    Great job gents.

  6. Yeah buddy! Great Q Honey Do. Yes, the donkey kick/polar bear combo was brutal. Great to see Shawshank and Sin Bun out there. It’s always a special day when Swirly arrives three hours early to secure AO. Part of me thinks that M Swirly has told him he can’t come in the house till he’s hit 10,000 merkins for the month. See you punks in the gloom.

  7. My shoulders are toast and my legs are scrambled!!! thanks for a great beat down i would expect nothing less from your HD. See you on turkey morning, brother from another mother…

  8. Thanks for the shout out, Honeydo. My legs are a little toasty at the moment, so ask me Thursday regarding going longer on Friday.

    Sounds like a busy morning for you southlanders.

  9. LR – glad to hear you sound off. Hope the AT treated you and TYA well. You did bring TYA home with you right?