Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Since its cold, we’ll just have to run faster…


4 gathered at UofR on a (very) frigid morning to take on various hills in and around the campus and surrounding neighborhood.  Total distance was between 5 and 6 miles – coupled by some obligatory merkins in the beginning and end.


With TYA off running a 20 miler in the mountains with Lab Rat, Marv in the Bahamas, and other regulars among the missing, it was a fairly light crew but we made the best of it.  Since Swirly was elsewhere (No Toll), YHC took it upon himself to crank out some solo merkins – many of which were performed in the comfort of the Student Commons.  Other than that, it was great to be running along with Sippy again and catching up on things.  Through this, YHC learned that Marv is currently in the Bahamas with the VCU Rams.  Assuming Marv will post some runs down there, let’s hope he experiences some weather in the low 70’s, so he can (almost) know what we are going through up here.

BackBay and TwoCan did a great job today.  We stayed together as a pack and knocked out some really good hills.  YHC first wondered why he didn’t encounter Seal Team anywhere on the campus, but then he remembered that the temperature was below 35.

The COT was brief considering the loss of feeling in various extremities.

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  1. Nice hilly route. Thanks for circling back for Tucan and me, again and again. A fella could get lost out there!