Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Get that WDog while it’s nice and cold …


VQ week rolls in in Richmond with another VQ lamb being led to the proverbial slaughter.  17 Faithful showed up for a 37° morning at WDog for a chilly and damp beatdown.

SSH x 25 IC
Don Quixote x15 IC
Russian Solders x20 IC
Merkins (2 count) x10 IC
Small arm circles on one leg x10 IC // Big arm circles on one leg x5 IC
Reverso small on one leg x10 IC // Reverso big on one leg x5 IC

THE THANG #1: Pole Smoker Sprint
Mosey to wooden posts by Carillon access road. PAX lines up along poles, first man does 4 pole smokers & sprints to other end. Repeato 3X

THE THANG #2: Jacob’s Ladder
Mosey to the valley behind Dogwood Dell Amphitheater. Jacob’s Ladder to from bottom of the hill up to the road. Start with 1 merkins, head back down, run back up, 2 … all the way to 10 merkins. Hot doggers plank.

THE THANG #3: The Blimp
From the top of LOVE (not hate Lab Rat informed YHC) HILL with hot doggers at the front of the blimp moving to the back as we make our way doing the following exercises:
2X Burpee Broad Jumps x5
2X Lunge Strides x10
2X Bear Crawl Strides x15
2X Duck Walk Strides x20

We only had time for 2 sets instead of 4 coming back up the hill.

THE THANG #4: Triple Check
Short mosey to the Dogwood Dell Amphitheater.

1: Run the perimeter of the amphitheater
2: Merkins (26+ for merkin challengers)
3: Crab cakes

1.75 minutes of Mary (OYO)
Rosalitas x20
LBCs x20
Alabama Prom Dates x20
Superman (Toga on lead vocals)

TOTAL MERKINS: 163 (fell a little short of the 167 goal but tried to make up on the Triple Check)

Mosey back to the flag for Numberama, Namerama, and COT.

Swirly took us out.


YHC got to the AO roughly ten minutes early proud of his punctuality, only to see Swirly, Bleeder and a few others already out of their cars. The first attempt at planting a brand new Lab Rat built shovel flag was a fail as YHC attempted to plant it in too rocky a spot. Bleeder pointed to a small indentation in softer earth which was clearly housed more than a few shovel flags before.

The PAX was in good spirits and chatty before the start of the workout which YHC took as a good sign. Of course TYA’s yoga pants were widely discussed. As is his wont, Conspiracy came in hot.

YHC panicked slightly and second guessed himself during the COP.  On the very first SSH YHC second guessed on the counting “is arms up one or is arms down at the start one?!?!”  YHC did his best to power through the gaffe despite seeing Wedding Singer’s give off some here comes a Flatline COP! body language through the gloom. YHC remembered Lockjaw’s sage words from a HDHH many moons ago at The Answer Brewpub “If you can count, you can Q!”  Hmm … maybe YHC can’t count.

YHC also needs to work on communicating exercises and transitions but credit to the PAX who seemed to pick it up. There was also some beFUDDlement at the Jacob’s Ladder only using one side of the valley.  YHC took too steep a section and used his Q badge to see how the boys on the other (less steep) end of the line were holding up.  Conspiracy was (not surprisingly) complaining about something at the other end.

Once on the Triple Check, YHC was partnered with Goose and Conspiracy.  Conspiracy provided some helpful Crab Caking tips.  Lab Rat chose to be a rabblerouser and run his laps the wrong way. HARRUMPH. Short mosey back to the flag for some Mary, which did not please Conspiracy.  Sweating and at sub 40 temps with Conspiracy complaining about something made YHC realize that for all the gaffes, the Q was doing something right if Conspiracy was complaining. 😛

In all seriousness, YHC has been nervous about Qing for a wide variety of reasons, but appreciates the encouragement and the ways that this group has helped YHC.  F3 has become a big part of YHC’s life over the last 18 months and it is more about the men than the workouts.  With that in mind there was no excuse to not to start giving back a little bit.  Thanks for all the encouragement along the way to bring YHC to this point. See you in the gloom!


HDHH at TYA’s TONIGHT! See the pre-blast for details, YHC and YHC’s M & 2.0s will be there, which will give the PAX plenty of mumblechatter material on YHC for the future.

Shirts on sale at the Mudgear store: KCMO, DaVille, WDog, Circus Maximus, hit the banner ad. YHC got the 11th of 12 pre-orders for a $6 WDog shirt. See the WDog logo YHC wondered if the price was subsidized by a certain captain of industry …

Honey Do is Qing a 2.0 friendly at Gridiron this Saturday @ 0700.

VA Beach clown car this Saturday. A real Richmond F3 WHO’S WHO!!! Saab, TYA Swirly, Bleeder .. Hardywood encouraged us to step up our headlocking game.

10K Turkey Trot at U of R….8am start on Thanksgiving day (the start line is where we meet for Spider Run)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a volunteer opportunity. A friend is president of the Richmond Tool Bank, which loans tools to non-profits for work / beautification projects. I am heading over to their office for a tour tomorrow at 0830. If you want to join me, get in touch or say so in the comments and I’ll share more details.



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  1. Well done, the hard part is over!

    One critique that would make the COP go better is to start each excersize with a go word…EXERCISE or BEGIN….then start counting. That way everybody hits “1” at the same time.

    Other than that, solid first Q, glad I could be present.

  2. Solid VQ and don’t sweat the counting on your first rodeo. It gets easier, but people will always find something to comment about in the gloom. Lab Rat had a good point above, but do not feel compelled to let your internal/external monologue drone on as he often does.

  3. Solid workout with a lot of variety. Enjoyed watching you read your soggy notes in the dark.

    Please note, I struggled with the concept of Alabama Prom Dates “On Your Own”…until, of course, I thought back to my actual prom. (As Hardywood pointed out…”What is he doing?!”.)

    Yes, Lockjaw’s counting is as about as good as my coordination.

    Don’t listen to him Lab Rat. A quiet workout laced with Toga’s periodic words of encouragement is sorely overrated.

    Dr. Pussenstein hooked me up today. Thanks Toga!

  4. Excellent VQ, @Viral! Right on time back at the shovel, and well planned to get the requisite 167 merkins in. Now, where’s the link to that counting practice video?

  5. Well done Viral. Outstanding job this morning. It’s a real privilege to watch people find their voice. You did an awesome job in the leadership role this morning and I expect many more. – Hardywood

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