Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The theme that shall not be named…


7 well mannered gentlemen showed for Saab’s first Q at Punisher.  This is more or less what transpired:

Warmup:  Arm circles, DQ’s, Imperial Walkers, LBC’s, Merkins

Triple Check:  WWII, Merkins, Run to end of court, perform burpee, and return

Pullups (5), Diamond-Merkins (10):  4 rounds

10 burpees, run to tree, Polar-Bear to next tree and back, return.  Repeat said routine with 30 American Hammers.

11’s (Derkins and Jump Squats)

Curb Crawls (Bear and Crab) to 7

Total Merkins today:  228 (Thanks again to Bleeder for taking copious notes)


At the start of today’s workout YHC felt compelled to share Toga’s prior words of encouragement when he learned Saab would be taking the Q…”Try not to be a pussy” was the directive.  Little did YHC know, that would become the unofficial theme of workout…that and avoiding exercises that involved  getting too close to TYA’s tights.

After YHC expressed his fondness for the aforementioned body part (in the parlance of our time), the PAX proceeded to point out landmarks that resembled such a part (which shall not be named in the interest of decorum).  Who knew one would find so many on an elementary school ground.

Anyway, the workout began and ended with discussion regarding TYA’s tights, including pleads not to let him tuck in his shirt.  YHC could only suggest he invest in a MUCH longer shirt, or a loose pair of shorts to cover what was no longer a mystery.


F3 RVA gear is available on the website.

HDHH this Wednesday (see TYA’s back blast).

Toga is prone to providing (classy?) pre-direction on one’s Q – particularly when he has no intention of showing up himself.

Saab abides.



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  1. Good Q this morning Saab. It was good to see Ronnie out completing his first week in the pax. Well done!

    We need to talk to Swirly about updates to the corporate dress policy. I gave TYA a little extra head start on the polar bears as a precautionary measure.

  2. I didn’t realize this was a virgin punisher Q for Saab today. How apropos given then theme!

    Nice work wandering around the AO today. Good mumblechatter and a great workout!

  3. @Saab: I’m honestly just happy to see that you take direction so well. After staying up for all of Garth Brooks’ encores, it put The Punisher a bit out of reach.

    @TYA: It’s good to know the sausage casings are back in the wardrobe.

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Classic VQ, especially given the unnamed theme.

    Great to get the merkins out of the way first thing as well.

    Spoke to my “counselor” today and she said I should be undeterred by the blatent bullying and harassment that I am receiving for my wardrobe choices. As she stated, “i should not be ashamed to be me.”

  5. Wise words. TYA as anything else but TYA would suck immensely. Henceforth I shall maintain a climate of positive reinforcement and nurturing in all correspondences.

    Truth be told, stated harassment was a form of jealousy and a means of taking our minds off our frozen lower limbs and recessed sacks. Additionally, without the wardrobe, it would have been a full 45 minutes of discussing euphemisms for that which I still cannot bring myself to name in print.