Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



A brisk sunny and 70 morning on the southside of RVA brought 6 men out early to see the supermoon.  After checking out the moon and a little mumblechatter about the temperatures, YHC decided to warm us up a little bit.

Warm up circle around the parking lot to give McRib a chance to catch up.

Circle up for SSHx25, IWx20, ArmCircles x20 F and R, 20 x OH Press, Copperhead Squatx15


Mosey over to the hill next to the school for Jacobs Ladder, start at the bottom with 1 merkin, run to the top for 1 burpee repeato to 7.

Mosey over to the bball courts for 11s Jump Squats and Freddie Mercuries – run the long side, lunge the short side.  Round 2 Monkey Humpers and Box Cutters – run the long side bear crawl the short side.

Indigenous people run around the bus loop with optional burpee.

The PAX seemed warmed up so we moseyed into the grass field to cool off and get some Mary in.  American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, Merkin Ring of Fire, Dollies, LBC, Crunchy Frogs, Merkin Ring of Fire.

Mosey back to the parking lot and with 1 minute remaining – Fill that with 1 min of burpees.


Great work this morning men.  Tried to work in the #3S2T (check the lexicon) into this one.  Starting with Jacobs Ladder was a good way to get warmed up quick and work the stamina through the rest of the morning.

Karaoke showed up for his 2nd post and was crushing it today.  He’s not used to running behind Gumbo and Gumbo is definitely not used to having Karaoke behind him in any kind of running routine.  I expect he’ll keep posting and will catch up soon enough.  Mr. Roper, in his inaugural RiverRun was only shown a small portion of the AO but will hopefully become a regular and get to see the rest of it.


4 shirts up for sale in the F3 Gear shop.  Check them out and let your loved ones know what size you wear for Christmas.  Extra small if you want that lean Emoji look.

HDHH at TYA’s new build at 1701 Buford Road.  Lot clearing to be handled by SAAB.  Park at the church.

Find a race or other CSAUP and sign up.  Ask around, there are plenty.

VQ week, encourage those that haven’t led to step up.  Get out and support those that are stepping up because that’s what leaders do.

Pleasure to lead this morning men.



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  1. Well done Rosie. I was sufficiently warmed up after the Jacob’s ladder. Great morning for a workout.

    Way to post again Karaoke…I’m sure I’ll be chasing you soon enough.

  2. Nice Q Rosie. Thanks for making it easy to catch up this morning. I had really intended to get to the AO a little bit early today, but my car keys decided to hide from me this morning.

    Thanks for taking the lead today…my mid and lower sections are feeling it from the crunchy frogs and monkey humpers…Good stuff!

    Good to see Mr. Roper at River Run and Karaoke back for another week.