Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Religion, Politics, and Ultras


3 men turned on the defrost this morning to make an early morning jaunt thru the James river trails system.  Weather was hovering at the freezing point and not a breath of wind for a seriously heavy frost, combining with the turning leaves and the steam coming off the river made a fairly tale setting for our run.  Here is what went down:

Leave the parking lot and head down the hill.  1/3 of us run back up the hill to lock the car, then back down.  Head to Belle Isle the long way round, Return on Buttermilk.  All were up for the lariat, then back across the nickle bridge and back to the parking lot.  We headed down to see Bo-Bo to get the GPS watches to click over 7 miles.


There was talk of incorporating Forest Hill into the run, but comradarie won out over mileage, and the pax stuck together.  Conversation was lively and many taboo topics were hashed out over the course of the run and subsequent tea-a-teria afterwards.  YHC broke up the “tea party” at ET’s by having to be the only one to order coffee.  Leave it to Lab Rat to be odd man out.

Gorgeous run with stellar men this morning.  A great morning to be in the River City and have killer running friends.

Lab Rat out.


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  1. Great job to those that ran Richmond races yesterday! Rest, recover, and we will see you out there again soon.

  2. Enjoyed being back on the trails, 7 miles goes by quick and easy with good fellowship and taboo conversations.

  3. Really enjoyed hitting the trails with you both…Great fellowship helped with my slow crawl back to running. Best wishes to our fellow trail runners and their pending nuptials.

  4. I had to think about this and I was there. Only one other person will get it, and that is a beautiful thing. Rainbows!