Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Karate Kid


Nineteen men spanning five decades of ages stormed the parking lot to post at The Creek along with one FNG. The Carpenter (YHC) planted the shovel flag (thanks to Toga!) and the PAX took off running across the field into the dark to begin the workout.


COP warmup: Merkins IC x20, SSH IC x60, Arm Circles IC x10 large/x5 small reverso, Merkins IC x20, Copperhead Squats IC x10, SSH IC x20, Merkins IC x20, Copperhead Squats IC x10, SSH IC x20.

Mosey back to the parking lot near the corner of the church building.

Run from the Cobra Kai
Catch Me If You Can – Partner up.
First partner does 20 Merkins while the second partner takes off around the church building. The second partner stopped to do 10 Merkins at the halfway point. If the first partner catches the second partner, then the second partner does 20 Burpees. If the first partner doesn’t catch the second partner, then he does 10 Burpees.

Repeat, switching roles.

Training with Miaygi
Mosey to the pavilion and locate a picnic table bench.
10 Merkins, 10 Incline Merkins, 10 Derkins, Plank until everyone is done, 30 SSHs IC
Repeat 3x

The Tournament
Mosey back to parking lot. Line up opposite one another with half the men on one side of the parking lot and half the men on the other side. Step toward your partner. Bow. Do an exercise. Rotate down one person to face a new opponent. Repeat.
Here were the exercises:
5 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 20 American Hammers, 12 Imperial Walkers, 10 WWII Sit-Ups, Crab crawl to the edge of the parking/Bear crawl back to the original position.

The final exercise was “Daniel-Sons” (think of Daniel Larusso on the beach and then the final move in the tournament against Johnny Lawrence). Do as many as you can. The last two going faced off against each other and continued until finished.

Mosey to the SF.

Merkins IC x20, SSH IC x30

Updates shared – 190 Merkins today (for the November challenge) and 190 SSHs to match them…
YHC took us out


YHC rolled into the parking lot at 5:20 am and saw 10 men already circled up and ready to go. Cars continued to pile into the lot. Two Boston Red Sox fans met for the first time (Chow-DAH and a FNG now known as Tea Party). They were surprised to see a man get out of his truck who looked like Rob Gronkowski. It was actually a F3 returner named Hoss. Ratio was also back and he opened his mouth with some immediate trash talk to YHC (no surprise here!).

The theme of the morning was Karate Kid (1984 version). The PAX didn’t realize that they had automatically been signed up to The Creek dojo with The Carpenter as the Sensei. The Carpenter’s Dad has a similar look to Miyagi so everything kind of fit together…

The mumble chatter was loud due to the normal enthusiasts (Emoji, Abacus). The COP warmup was as close to the surrounding houses as we could get. The loud counting hopefully woke up some fart sackers and peaked the interest of sad clowns all around The Creek area…

YHC brought out “Catch Me If You Can” but reframed it in light of Daniel Larusso’s running away from the Cobra Kai. The Merkins partway around the church building simulated Daniel’s attempt to climb the fence before being pulled down. Unfortunately for the PAX, there was no Miyagi to save them from the burpees and intense sprints.

The Tournament provided ample opportunities for Karate Kid quotes to be shared. The PAX shouted out, “Sweep the leg, Johnny,” “Put him in a body bag,” “Mercy is for the weak, when you are on the streets…,” “Squash like grape,” and the singing of “You’re the Best Around.”

The “Daniel-Son” exercise ended up looking more like a Russian dance or Irish jig than a karate tournament fight. Spit and Toga outlasted Chapstick by 3 seconds and they were anointed the two finalists. The PAX circled up and cheered them on as they went head-to-head on the final exercise. Toga pulled out the victory and cheers erupted!

The announcements included updates on the F3 Hampton Roads expansion.

Ratio shared about his wife’s friend who has been battling bladder cancer and is now on hospice. He asked for prayers for her, her family and his wife (close friend). Emoji shared about his wife’s chemotherapy and recent struggles as she finishes up the treatments this month.

The PAX pulled in and YHC took us out. Ratio was overtaken by the moment and started to cry. The whole PAX surrounded our brother and encouraged him after the prayer.

F3 is a LOT more than just a workout. We are a band of brothers who are in the battle together. We are fighting more than burpees and derkins. We are all facing life’s challenges but we do not have to face them alone. We can face them together. We need to stay with the pack and fight our sad clown tendencies on all fronts!

Game over… The Carpenter is OUT!


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  1. Great Q and BB Mr. Miyagi I mean Carpenter!! F3 TheCreek continues to show what the second F is all about!!

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Aye to the Carpenter’s words at the end of the BB. Working out in the gloom binds us all together. Never suffer or struggle in silence. The entire group has your back!

  3. We always say its “you against you” at the beginning of each workout, but as the workout progresses, its “we are all here for each other”. @THE Carpenter, way to capture the true spirit of F3 with the backblast. Welcome to TeaParty, hope to see you at many F3 beatdowns in the future.

  4. It was great to finally participate in The Creek. Solid Q and the Pax was into it.

    Your words re the end of the COT certainly rang true. I joined F3 to keep the pounds off and get my workouts done early. I’ve stayed because of things like we saw at the end of the workout. Seeing 19 guys supporting one another through the good and the bad is what it’s all about.