Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ready for 8K


YHC picked up Sassy and drug him out after a long hiatus, and we met Spit in the parking lot for a small group run on a crisp clear fall morning.

Route:  out along the Atlee HS spur road, thru Honey Meadows etc. to Kings Charter.  Turn around at the playground for an out and back of 5.00 miles.

NMS:  Sassy was given a free pass for a bit while training up for his 100 mile ultra in September.  Free pass is over, it’s time to start dragging his butt back out to some F3 workouts!  Great to catch up with him, he is very active in the running community, and it’s always interesting to hear the races he has done and what is on his calendar for the near future.

Spit, on the other hand, seems to always be around.  Proof is in the pudding too, as he went about running the two of us in the ground.  All mile splits were fast this morning, and Spit let it go the last two miles leaving the two of us huffing in the dust.  He has been training up to 8K, and I know that he will have an awesome run on Saturday.  Cant wait to hear what is next for him after this….maybe a longer distance?  Only one man knows….

To Spit and everyone else running this weekend (TYA, TSB, Circle K, Grabber, who else?), I hope that you have a great run!  Take it all in and trust in all the hard work that you have put in coming up to this.  Should be a glorious day for a run thru the city.


Lab Rat out.


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