Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The hills are alive


The Wednesday afternoon hill run continues.  YHC has been qing the last three weeks and has been  lax in getting the backblast out.

The Thang:

Wednesday October 19th  and Wednesday October 26th.  4 loops on hillcrest.

Wednesday November 3rd.  2 regular loops and 2 extended loops on hillcrest.


Flew solo on the first Wednesday.  Swirly was a little tense and irritated that day as he was trying to get out of work after finishing his budget process, but did not make it.  YHC took to the hills alone and had an acceptable run.  Even though I don’t usually run alongside swirly, his presence and the presence of others helps keep me motivated and my speed up.  I wasn’t slow, but i was not on par with the pace I had been keeping.

October 26th Swirly made it early and YHC was coming in hot.  I was at a x country track meet watching TSB and headed to the AO right after the meet.  I was pumped up for the run..  Swirly was energetic as well and we cut our laps times down each time around the loop, last loop was in 6:50, a record for me.  Swirly was a bit faster.

Yesterday we decided to extend the loop on two or our rounds.  We went straight past east hillcrest around chairman and back to east hillcrest.  I took the extended loop on laps 2 and 3 and swirly hit it on laps 2 and 4.  Weather yesterday was a little warmer than normal, but a good run was had by all.

Being a numbers guy, I was hopeful that at least one additional pax would show up yesterday so that we would keep our progression of numbers going: 1 the first week, two the second, and 3 (or 4) for the third….Oh well..


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Always a pleasure to run with my buddy TYA on a Wed evening – love this fall weather – but have to admit I miss the summer colds ones afterwords….
    All are welcome to join us… TYA and I will be there..