Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Don’t Puke on the Courts!!!


12 Hard core regulars showed up plus 1 FNG — Speedo,  came for my anniversary Q.  Wow what a difference a year makes.  Last year at this time I started at NoToll with BT Qing and we did Old Glory and I almost pasted out!!!  So I thought we would do a version of that today.

The Thang

Circle up for 15 merkins, 25 SSL, 25 LBCs

Than ran one lap

Lap 2-3 we ran to the corners and did 10 pull ups, 25 dips, 25 merkins, 25-2 count flutter kicks

Lap 4 was ran by most but Swirly and Saab did Extra credit lap #5

Than we did DK special the Grinder

25 FMs than bear crawled to next station

25 Caroline dry docks

25 ? not sure

25 jump squats than ran back to the front

2.5 rounds of this fun festivities

Note: This is where Speedo wanted to puke and may have tried, but Bleeder encouraged him to puke in the bushes and not on the tennis court.  Great Job of not puking on the the tennis courts.

Ran back to the flag after the last lap!!!

Thanks to you all for letting me lead today, if my watch was working I could have timed it better, but I was shooting for 3.5-4 miles today.  Its always great to hear FNGs come to our group and tell us that was the hardest workout they have ever done.  Speedo trained for 5 months before he came out today and he was shocked how hard it was.  This is what I love about this group we are always pushing each other to become a better version of ourselves!!! Great work today men and thanks Bleeder for staying with Speedo…

FYI Flip Dog your lateness did not go unnoticed!!!!

Thanks  again my F3 brothers!!!


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  1. Yes what a difference a year makes. You are still a knucklehead but an in much better shape knucklehead. I assumed since you were Q’ing it was a suggested start time…note to self Flashdance really means we start at 5:30. Proud of you brother for your effort, your friendship, and your leadership over the year. We will keep pushing and bring the Chiropractic lifestyle to TYA. Speedo congrats on your first post…You did a great job.. and Hell yeah its hard..Iron sharpens Iron keep it up

  2. Great Q, Flashdance! Thanks to Offshore for sticking with my snail pace during our first couple laps.

    Great work, Speedo! Way to push yourself for your first time out.

    Unfortunately, I suffered a pickle-toe this morning in the form of a strained calf, so I’ll be out for a week or two, but I’ll see you all again soon.

  3. It’s been a hell of a year, I am so pumped to get to know my f3 brothers. Thanks again Flip Dog its been a real blessing to find guys that value the same things in life.

  4. Sorry to not be in town for this one Flashdance. Glad you posted to NoToll a year ago than going to CO for that Fight Club.

  5. Way to push it Salad Cream. Sorry to hear about your injury. Heal quickly – see you on the Merkin challenge, right?!

  6. Way to go Flashdance! Glad we didn’t try to set a SSH record on your anniversary, but this was still a grinding beatdown.

  7. Definitely in the Merkin Challenge still. I will continue doing bodyweight exercises while I’m absent from F3…just can’t do any running for a while.

  8. I need to get down to the southern AOs… Miss you guys but we are rocking up in the DaVille. Flashdance, you are an inspiration to us all!