Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rattlesnake Creek (No Rattlesnakes)


A lucky 13 showed up for a November 1 run.  Yes, It’s November already.

Take the batcave exit to River Rd and cross the bridge.  Hop on Riverside Dr and head downstream.  4 milers turn around at Rattlesnake Creek, 5 milers a little further down the river, and 6 milers closer to Pony Pasture after the z dam.

YHC took us out.


YHC came in hot to the AO on foot today with two minutes to spare.  Quite a few Pax out today and perhaps a new Spider Run record.  The Pax looked strong today en route.

Riverside Drive was pitch dark with very little light, which could make it difficult to find landmarks such as turnaround spots.  Alas, the Pax all made it back.  Perhaps my favorite aspect of the run is the subtext associated with the Rattlesnake Creek sign providing assurance of (no rattlesnakes).  Good to know for sure.  Copperheads, yes.  Rattlesnakes, no.

It was great getting to know Taxi Cab today on the run.  Swirly led the charge on crushing some merkins to kick the month of merks off right.



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  1. Nice route. Enjoyed seeing TYA say “good job fellas” to a couple of on-coming tomatoes…(it was that dark). Swirly was on fire again.